Monday, 11 November 2013

ramen burger, on ramen

this is totally different from the ramen burger recipe video i saw online, but still.. a good experience. i had pork tenderloins which was full of 软骨,which i dislike. not something i crave for - unlike Korean soups/stews, which i always dream about eating - but interesting enough. worth a try.

the accompanying mashed potato had so much wasabi, my nose stung a bit and i couldn't finish it.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

milestone, Chloé Love

for the first time in my life, i.. i.. i finished using the second bottle of the same perfume!!!

which means i actually used 2 50ml bottles of Chloé Love Eau Florale within a year! that has to be some kind of new record! 

actually perfume has the highest level of carcinogens amongst all beauty products, but i can't resist them. i can't stand people who smell bad. the bachelor-who-stays-in-his-room-all-the-time-with-door-closed is the worst. at least open your door and air your room!

Eau Florale is a 2012 limited edition, so my next Chloé perfume - which is already sitting under my bed, ready to be opened as soon as i finish all my other fragrances - will be the original Chloé Love, which smells like a richer version of Eau Florale, though it's still very subtle and mild.

also feeling very smug that i bought my 75ml Chloé Love for A$40! half the retail price in Malaysia for 50ml! i think perfumes are the secret cheapie that people can stock up on in Australia. i saw the sale at CFD (Cosmetics Fragrances Direct) online while i was still in KL, and asked my friend to buy it for me. sekali when she tested it she fell in love with it too and bought one for herself as well. that's how fabulous this perfume is! and how excellent my taste is. 

Saturday, 9 November 2013


so.. recently i have managed to lift myself out of unemployment-induced misery. no i haven't found a full-time, well-paying job yet - hopefully it's just 'yet'. but feeling less desolate and teary. maybe due to my newfound penchant of cooking with rice wine hahaha.

my new quest in life is to discover the ultimate Sesame Oil Chicken recipe. so far i have trialled one twice to so-so results. will be having another go today - though today's 30+ summer weather is not really inspiring me to cook something this warming.

so that's one thing to occupy me while i remain on self-imposed home-confinement in an attempt to stretch out 'seed funding' given by parents. 

also good that i'm working part-time, though the pay can't even cover my rent, much less my other expenses. and receiving calls, which proves that i'm not a total loser.

photo time!

despite being at uni for 2 years, i only discovered this area during a jog last week! 

my last social outing.

Cafe Ella on a quiet weekday, after the morning rush. The waiters here are always cute, and they serve reasonably-priced yummies.

Friday, 1 November 2013

hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy: kamikaze mice

When I was younger I saw a book titled Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and thought it was a wonderful name for a book. I don't recall the story now, only the shock and delight when I read about mice actually being in control of the world by letting human beings think we are in charge and sometimes committing suicide during experiments done on them so they can influence human perception!

To this day I'm still amazed by how different some human brains are! I'm certain I would never have thought of that crazy idea!

Or maybe.. it's the truth?