Saturday, 9 November 2013


so.. recently i have managed to lift myself out of unemployment-induced misery. no i haven't found a full-time, well-paying job yet - hopefully it's just 'yet'. but feeling less desolate and teary. maybe due to my newfound penchant of cooking with rice wine hahaha.

my new quest in life is to discover the ultimate Sesame Oil Chicken recipe. so far i have trialled one twice to so-so results. will be having another go today - though today's 30+ summer weather is not really inspiring me to cook something this warming.

so that's one thing to occupy me while i remain on self-imposed home-confinement in an attempt to stretch out 'seed funding' given by parents. 

also good that i'm working part-time, though the pay can't even cover my rent, much less my other expenses. and receiving calls, which proves that i'm not a total loser.

photo time!

despite being at uni for 2 years, i only discovered this area during a jog last week! 

my last social outing.

Cafe Ella on a quiet weekday, after the morning rush. The waiters here are always cute, and they serve reasonably-priced yummies.

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