Sunday, 8 December 2013

Caminetto - Italian restaurant at The Rocks

Friday night - catch up with Dan and Alex (whom I haven't seen since I left Melbourne 3 years ago - feels like another lifetime) at The Rocks.

The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority had a special night market going over the summer months - Village Bizarre. Basically it's a night market, with free activities (and some which requires payment) like fortune telling, mini performances and bike-powered cinema showing short films(?).

Because all of us work full-time, and were all actually pretty tired, we didn't line up for any of the activities, instead deciding to have dinner after walking a round at the bazaar.

A very helpful volunteer saw us standing around undecided and came to give suggestions. We were planning to go to another Italian restaurant - forgot the name - but couldn't locate it so we decided on Caminetto, which is a bustling eatery right in the middle of The Rocks.

Asian mode ON. Used to be shy about food photography - actually about photography in general - but no longer! Because Gretchen Rubin (I think it was her) said that most of us don't bother recording the mundane everyday life because it's so ordinary, but it will be these exact things that we want to recall in the future. Like, how I lived as a 社会新鲜人 in a home away from home. (How I went out every Friday sweating about money? Not sure I want to remember this part of my life.)

The 500ml pitcher of sangria was super cute! And the fruits were crunchy and fresh! Seriously wanted to sneak the mini glassware into my bag..

For entree, we shared the Prosciutto and Melone ($22.90, Salt cured italian ham with seasonal melon). I first tried the prosciutto + ham combo in an Italian restaurant in Bangkok (I know, I know) and I must say this one at Caminetto is better! Though I'm still not a fan of cold cuts. I like my food hot. Cold foods for me are limited only to desserts.

I had veal as my main. Didn't take a picture because it looked kind of grotesque. Chunks of veal and mash smothered in bolognese sauce. Portions are HUMONGOUS! Sharing recommended.

Food was good!

Christmas decorations are up!

Ended our night out with a walk to the Opera House to aid digestion.. Wanted to capture the birds (or bats?) zipping around above the Harbour Bridge but couldn't. 

So.. this is how I spend a Friday night in Sydney.


Serenely said...

The Prosciutto and Melone looks good! Must keep this place in mind if ever we are in Sydney again next.

MiN said...

I think you'll like it!