Saturday, 28 December 2013

winter solstice + christmas 2013

en. Despite the fact that my bank account is still winning the who-is-most-broke competition amongst my peers, I had a surprisingly enjoyable Christmas. 

I hadn't wanted to celebrate Christmas for fear that I would be evacuated from my room after (due to inability to pay rent) but my friends were fretful about me spending Christmas alone - if I didn't go on the road trip, I would be expected to show up at Kit's Christmas party. Or dine with D. Or hang out with Y. Or (omg) spend it with my new housemate, whom I have known for all of 1 day.

What I learned about myself in 2013 - if left to my own devices, I would let one day melt into the next and become a hermit with an excellent collection of clothes, skincare and cosmetics. Being alone doesn't bother me usually. I can go by 48 hours without speaking a word. Luckily my friends ensure I don't end up a cat lady before I even hit the age when I start losing collagen.

So my new resolution in life is not just to celebrate holidays, but to celebrate them with actual people. I have a tendency to live in Fantasyland half the time -

So I made a point of going to Soph's for Winter Solstice. 

This is proof of her watermelon-cutting skills. 

Our simple meal of black fungus in vinegar and chilli + watermelon.

Winter Solstice must-eat - glutinous rice balls. I like this version with rice wine as well.

And then.. a Christmas event - watching Love Actually

On actual Christmas Day we went to The Entrance - I was actually thinking it all looks familiar, but it didn't hit me until Boxing Day that I had been here with Dan not too long ago!

We rented an apartment, cooked, ate, drank and devised ways to get our hands on more booze on a day when everything was closed. (We settled on going to a Malaysian Chinese restaurant and ordering wine and entrees).

And here is dear mummy fighting with the dishwasher.

On Boxing Day it turned sunny, which led to more time outdoors, which led to sunburn!

My arms got the worst of it - itching terribly now. But my face aged a fair bit as well. (Actually the photos don't look too bad, but in reality my arms were swollen). 

Still, it was an awesome break. Haven't felt so happy in awhile.  

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Serenely said...

Sounds like a great winter solstice and Christmas. I didn't get a chance to watch Love Actually this year... somehow I happen to catch it every year on TV but not this time. Great Christmas movie. The glutinous rice balls with rice wine sounds interesting... must try out that version next time to see how it's like. Have a great start to the new year!