Saturday, 20 December 2014

cyrano de bergerac

Because Cyrano Agency is one of my favourite movies, I couldn't resist when Sydney Theatre Co showed Cyrano De Bergerac.

So I went with D.

Reading while drinking coffee at a pretty cafe on a Saturday morning is actually a very 惬意 thing to do.

Mussels in wine broth

I had a great time at Cyrano. It was almost a full house.

As with all live performances, the first 15 minutes is spent being lost and thinking everybody looks like Cyrano.

Then you get totally caught up in the story (I didn't read up beforehand so I didn't know how things would pan out).

Richard Roxburgh was so 生动 as Cyrano! 喜怒哀乐都表达得令我印象超深刻!觉得说他一个人撑全场也不为过。如此细腻的情感我坐在最便宜的座位都可以感受!

Cyrano's self-loathing which he hides behind his stubborn pride and reveals only to his best friend, his joy when he thought Roxanne was in love with him, his disappointment when he realised it wasn't the case, hiding his turbulent emotions and helping poor idiotic Christian get Roxanne who spent her life not knowing the truth. It felt like experiencing the entire spectrum of human emotions in 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Let's not forget the funny nanny, the poetic baker.. I love them all!

Christian 傻里傻气的

Roxanne 美翻了
Although I am still broke I say this is money well-spent.

非常感动的2小时!虽然觉得 Cyrano 根本是悲剧。

If I'm in a good mood I might watch the old Cyrano movie over the Christmas season.

Saturday 13 Dec 2014

Thursday, 18 December 2014


my standard weekend consists of hanging out and eating with different people.

last Sunday it was Kepos Street Kitchen with the girls.

i see some of the girls almost every weekend, but this was the first time in a month that we all got together.

Sophy drove.

while waiting the girls made space for me so i can press myself against the wall, in the shade, so i don't burn so quickly.

the comfort of knowing somebody well.

i ordered a southern fried chicken sandwich despite the big ulcer in my mouth which stubbornly refuses to heal despite my consumption of Berocca/mung bean soup/honey.

i know Kepos has a line outside but i think it's a bit overrated.

people why are you lining up?

but who cares about the food when we have presents?!

Kitty and Soph bought presents - Kitty bought me a tiny book 1001 Ways to Friendship (haha, none of us understood where that came from) and Soph got me a pencil set.

Nope, you don't get it.

It is the most beautiful pencil set I have ever laid eyes on.

Who knew Kate Spade did pencils?

I got home and Googled the David Jones website because the only way I can bring myself to use these pencils is if I can restock them. (I couldn't find them on DJ, though.)

I'll also need a slim pencil sharpener.

And actual words in my mind to write down.

If this were a movie I would write a lovely poem about girlie friendships.

Or draw pretty pictures.

Instead I am admiring the pencil set, now sitting on my little Ikea LACK table.

(I am actually so broke I cannot afford a proper desk and chair - I just sit on the floor and it's starting to hurt my back.)

I used to be able to do it but no longer! Ageing is no joke.

The girls are as freaked out as I am about ageing, but together it feels less scary and more funny.

(Also because I'm a year younger than them and I think it's rude to whinge about your age when you're the youngest.)

K is going to Japan and I asked her to get me a toilet-flushing noise machine.

Apparently Japanese girls have this gadget which makes toilet-flushing sounds so they can pee/poop in peace in public toilets.

So ingenious!

I have an irrational fear of letting people hear me poop.

We went shopping after lunch but I didn't buy anything. Seriously, apart from my Jo Malone Red Roses diffuser and Tom Ford Liquid Eyeliner, I really haven't bought anything indulgent for a few months.

And although the diffuser and eyeliner are not cheap, I love them both to bits - plus they don't take up much of my precious space.

Christmas is in the air!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Orangutan in the rain

“I was taking pictures of some Orangutans in Bali and then it started to rain. Just before I put my camera away, I saw this Orangutan took a banana leaf and put it on top on his head to protect himself from the rain! I immediately used my DSLR and telephoto lens to preserve this magic moment. Image location: Bali, Indonesia”  Photo by Andrew Suryono, Indonesia

Another love at first sight moment. Is this not the cutest thing you have seen this year? (Colleague and manager disagree, but I still melt a little every time I see this photo.)

Bored Panda

Thursday, 11 December 2014


The significance of the unicorn dream cannot be overlooked.

All my life I have survived on luck.

So when my luck ran out last year I got very confused.

I was in uncharted territory.

And after a year of nightmares I had my unicorn dream.

Things are going to improve. It's a good sign.

Then I had my hummingbirds dream.

I am usually terrified of birds, and I felt a bit nervous when a couple of the numerous yellow-and-black hummingbirds hopped onto my arm but mostly I was delighted by their cuteness and the buzz from their wings.

I was standing outside ahma's house, next to the swing set, in a safe place with many happy memories.

It's a good sign.

When out shopping with Soph last Saturday I spotted the lovely Olivia Burton hummingbird watch.

Olivia Burton hummingbird watch
 It's a good sign. Even if I cannot afford it.

And then I won AUD200.

I waited and waited for the Visa card to be sent to me.

And today it arrived.

It's a good sign.

Maybe things are going to get better after all :)

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

magical thinking 1

today is one of those days when you wish you were dead. okay, every day is one of those days for me, but today especially so.







i am reading the year of magical thinking.

and i keep getting sidetracked by Joan Didion's photo in 1976 and in, well, recent years.

This is the book's back cover
i know i shouldn't be ageist but i'm terrified of getting old.

i would rather die young.

recently freckles have been surfacing on my face and hands.

and every day i stare at my hands and pray that the freckles will not get worse please.

i stare and i stare, as though my eyes have laser powers which can zap the brown right off.

i think it's only going to get worse, though.



我不想 age gracefully!

i would rather not age at all!!!

人生果然不是一个 wish-granting factory 啊


Sunday, 30 November 2014


recently i am feeling much calmer. dear K rang me a month ago and asked me how i was. i said, 'nobody can be happy all the time.' and she said i should be aiming for calm. so calm it is, and maybe it's the immersion in non-Murakami books, but i have been feeling a lot less crazy.

(effing Murakami! 读一次就发一次噩梦!真的是跟我过不去!)


梦到我是电影明星,与 Hugh Jackman 一起拍戏,而且还遇见他太太。但梦里的 Debbie 好年轻啊!好像跟我平岁一样!

In this dream I was at ahma's getting ready. wearing a white dress. then i realised, OMG I'm getting married! to whom? actually i was also pretty confused in my dream.

then i saw my high school junior and asked him, omg i can't be marrying you, right?

he rolled his eyes and my husband showed up.

i can't remember but he probably wasn't - it was a good dream, remember? i think he looked like a cross between Sean O'Pry and a Chinese. (Blank Space 看太多次的副作用。)

哈哈这场梦超莫名其妙!竟然梦见 unicorn! yes, a big white dreamy unicorn on a vast green field! 然后看到 unicorn 超 high,觉得自己 lucky (my luck is returning, oh yeah!),然后一直想怎么可以把 unicorn 带回家养?


连续三天(晚)的美梦,开心死我了!以后心情烂时可以拿这篇出来重温,取暖嘿嘿嘿。你没见过 unicorn,不懂那种喜悦!


Monday, 17 November 2014

film school

Recently I went to film school.. because I could.

I love films - not as much as my classmates, but more than my other friends - and I love taking classes, which is how I found myself at my teacher's/colleague's home on a Saturday, ready to make my acting debut in a non-speaking role as 'last night's one night stand'.

Having been on set to film a commercial for work, I know how much time it takes, even just to film a one-minute video.

First there's the master shot, where a scene is filmed from a wide angle.

Then there's the closeups, when the actors are encouraged to stick to the script so the editor doesn't die when trying to cut the video in post production.

It sounds easy, but it's not.

So I'm happy with my part which requires nothing more than sitting around despite having no experience with one night stands.

And if one is not used to being in front of the camera, people tend to tense up.

At first I tried to help out with the boom/microphone, but my arms were shaking so madly I feared I was going to drop the bloody mike onto the talents' heads.

Then I stuck to marker/clapper work because I'm an organisation freak and actually enjoyed marking each scene and taking notes obsessively.

For scene 4 we took 3 takes. The first one was ok - well, until I looked at the other people on set (a major no-no). Do you know how difficult it is to stare at stranger in a moony fashion while everybody is watching you two? The classmates also requested we move closer together, because a comfortable distance in real life translates into an ocean apart onscreen.

'You guys had a one night stand! Get into character!'

Yeah, but I'm worried I might scare him! I mean, he's in his undies, might be feeling vulnerable. I countered.

The group laughed, even my acting partner laughed, and said he won't be scared. Like, he was probably thinking, Are you for real? I'm a guy!

So for the second take I leaned in close. So close my acting partner actually shrank back from me. I almost laughed, and the second the director yelled 'Cut!' the laughter on set was probably the loudest all day. An Asian girl freaked a white guy out!

Still, at least my performance wasn't the reason why we required another take. But my poor acting partner was sweating so profusely we could see damp patches on his shirt under his arms.

Last take was good, though I did get a bit cross eyed from leaning in so close to somebody's face. In the end I gave up looking into his eyes and looked towards the left of his head instead.

At the end of the day we all professed newfound respect for actors.

We'll be getting the footage to edit next week. Haha can't wait to see take 2.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Gore Cove Track

to make up for a Saturday spent lazing at home, my Sunday was nonstop on the move -

7am - woke naturally and decided to explore the neighbourhood

and it was then i stumbled upon the Gore Cove Track.

walking around my neighbourhood is an awesome thing to do.

i went for a little bush walk ..

so green and peaceful.. and it also reminds me of my parents, who love hiking.

i walked until i came to a fork in the path..

Two roads diverged in a green wood
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then.. I gostan-ed.
Because I didn't want to get lost in the woods
By my lonesome
With nothing but a key and a mobile phone
I thought of a Stephen King novel
Where people got lost in the woods
I don't want to suffer the same fate
Yes I know it is fiction.


Saturday, 8 November 2014


Personal opinion - I find Alexander Wang very cute. Too bad I don't have any spare cash to drop on his H&M collection.

I set my alarm at 6am today so I can be ready by 8am to catch a train to Macquarie and arrive at H&M before 9am just to look at his collection, though it is highly unlikely I will actually be able to squeeze into anything.

Reality -

5am - Woke from a weird dream where I was a male cop. I kept shooting at this girl (3 bullets) although my partners kept yelling 'Stop! You've already injured her! You don't want to kill her!' and then I realise that girl was me! I hate nightmares, they disorient me quite a bit.

Current time 3pm - Still in PJs at home.

Well at least I didn't expose myself to the risk of buying stuff on credit.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

the case for death

Recently there has been a lot of coverage in my reading circles about Brittany Maynard, who made a video about her decision to 'die with dignity'.

Death is something I think about a lot. If I have a spare moment, I'm probably thinking about how much I want to die, how to die, who died, how much I don't want to die, how I don't want my loved ones to die etc.

When I first learned about euthanasia, I was of course unnerved by the concept of open mediated death. But mum said it can be a good thing - a way to alleviate additional suffering from terminal illness, as in Brittany's case. However, as with all things, the right to euthanise is accompanied by the risk of people abusing the system - to access inheritances etc. Still, between euthanasia and no euthanasia, having an option to chose death appeals more to me, despite the legal complexities which may arise from euthanasia.

Back to Brittany - I was all for her cause, but at the same time when I read her interview where she stressed that she was not suicidal, I felt that this negative connotation associated with suicide is uncalled for, and I had an epiphany of sorts.

One day we will live in a world where people can chose an assisted death even if they do not suffer from terminal illness of the body.

People who want to die should be free and able to do so, without causing train delays (by jumping in front of incoming train), scarring innocent bystanders (by letting people stumble upon your body - cut up / burnt / smashed into pieces / just hanging), taking away limited medical personnel from people who want to live (v stupid suicide attempts which they probably knew wouldn't work).

When you give people a legit way to die, my guess is majority of them will realise living is not so bad after all. Living things are usually born with an instinct, a need to live. (Plus death could be much, much worse.) And if these people really want to die, we may as well help them ease their suffering of the mind. Save the resources for people who want them.

And why are people of judgemental of people's lifestyle - deathstyle? - choices. Think of all the things people couldn't accept in the past - homosexuality, for example - but which are more okay with the general public now. They were born this way, you might think. Well, serious suicide contenders might be born that way, too.

I shared my - rudimentary - 'progressive crazy thinking' with K, who thought it was nonsensical and just crazy and said that I am the most idealistic person she has ever met.

On a personal note, I am recently really feeling the urge to cook! I have a bajillion recipes collected but I guess they would have to wait until November!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

a cafe on Glebe Point Road

Sometimes I think Sydney is so pretty.

Stopped by this cafe last Sunday to grab a cronut and soy flat white on the way to pick up some stuff I left behind at my old place.

Are cronuts supposed to taste oily? Or is it just that all the cronuts I've sampled are oily? It's gross.

Anyway all my boxes have been unpacked and I'm getting used to my new place (#6).

We have a shared food system which is quite interesting. Basically everybody takes turns cooking. So after you cook, you knock on everybody's doors and say, 'Dinner is ready!' And you're free to use everything in the pantry and kitchen fridge. Kind of like at home. (There is a fridge in the lounge for private foodstuffs.)

But then everybody can eat separately. Some eat in the TV lounge. April eats in her room. I eat in the dining room.

The cook doesn't have to do the dishes. If you did the dishes you can mark it on a sheet (W for washing, C for cooking) and at the end of the month Ray will tally up everybody's contribution.

It's quite different, and I like it - for now - because I don't have to cook for one every night! And I get to eat home cooked food!

Plus the room is twice the size of my old room - though still smaller than my room back home. And it's 6 minutes to the railway station (used to be 10!). From there work is just one stop away!

The neighbourhood seems nice, and K lives at the next stop, Soph lives 2 stops down, Royal North Shore Hospital is a $14 cab ride away.

The only downside is I need to actively try to consume more fruits and vegetables because my housemates don't buy/cook enough of them. But otherwise all good!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

a hospital stay

这次去 Royal North Shore Hospital 的 Emergency Department 经验比上次去 Royal Prince Albert Hospital 的好很多。


I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but it makes me feel much better to be in a hospital when I'm in pain.

Even though I think I suffered more because of the bloody cannula!

And I hate IV drips. (although I'm quite fascinated by all the tubes because it's totally different from my world where I.. don't get tubes stuck in me.)

(Then I thought about how people easily rip off their cannulas on TV! Pffttt! I wanted it out but the nurse said, sorry, cannula has to be in until discharge; and as much as I wanted to, I doubt ripping the cannula out IRL is going to be like on TV.)

And how the lights are on all the time.

And the noise - screaming patients, moaning patients..

And how the nurse always leaves my curtain partially open.

And how my stupid hospital gown came undone while walking to the toilet and I flashed all the staff members. (At least it was from behind!)

And how hard it is to sleep despite the exhaustion.

And how much harder it is to stay awake during drips - which I need to because I can feel it otherwise. And it doesn't feel pleasant.

And how boring it all is.

And being shuttled around on a bed (mix of fun + scary) and left on corridors with a note on me like a dead body.

After one night in Emergency my blood pressure dropped to 97/51 despite the saline being pumped into me. Hospitals are no joke.

And it sucks having to Google for an Emergency department, book a cab and pack essentials (phone charger, water bottle) by myself when I feel like my tummy is trying to kill me at 1am.

But after 3 painkillers (one a slightly stronger dose) all the annoyances fell away and I'm in my cocoon of pain-free bliss.

Plus when the nurse gave me my first blanket it was warm!

And it was much better than being stuck at home in pain.

So they found out what was wrong with me in the morning and I was free to go!

And that is the end of my first hospital stay.

Health is wealth!

I think I should sign up for some classes, because I seem to be feeling unwell with increasing frequency nowadays. And the only exercise I'm doing is my weekly Zumba class, which I die die also must go because I paid for it!

I want to stop seeing doctors, because every time I see them, they draw blood and run tests and find something wrong with me - however minor. Better see my fitness instructor rather than my doctor!

Monday, 6 October 2014


Finally, after 2 years of thinking about it, I went to Cronulla!

Cronulla is a Southern beach about 40 minutes drive from the city, and I have wanted to go since I heard it's a dog-friendly beach.

On Sunday us girls drove to Cronulla to celebrate Kitty's birthday.

And I surprised myself by going for a swim under the blazing sun. The water was ice cold, which can be a bit unbearable - K got a headache - but it was super refreshing. The waves were humongous, so one can't really swim, but it was fun floating around with the ebb and flow of the sea.

Then Soph and I walked around town to find cake, and ended up buying award-winning Frangipani gelato instead.

A bit of lying around, then back to the city to check out Kitty's new digs, which were fabulous. She has a walk-in closet. Enough said.

Today I went to Ikea bright and early to look at furniture for new room, but as of now nothing is confirmed. Things will work out things will work out..

Back to the grind tomorrow!

Grass is a much better option than sand!
Cloudless blue sky

Saturday, 4 October 2014

mrs p's, burwood

On Cat's birthday we attended a 9.30am Zumba class then met Jenna for brunch in Burwood.

What kind of person wants to wake up bright and early on her birthday to go exercise?!

Mrs P is so cute.

Big breakfast
Gourmet scrambled eggs
The girls looked a bit suspicious of the gourmet scrambled eggs - which admittedly does look like a pile of crap - but after one bite, were once again convinced of my food ordering talent.

I'm still getting over used to my decision to straighten my hair. Seriously it's so high maintenance. Even if I wash it daily it just sticks flat against my scalp. Thankfully my roots are growing back Min-style, all frizzy and uncontrollable. (Never thought I would ever say that I love my original hair!)

After brunch we walked to a different cafe and ate some more!


Talking with the girls I am once again reminded that everybody has problems.. I don't know why I thought my problems were so much more severe than everybody else's.

And then I went to inspect a friend's place. Then went home and tried to sleep off a migraine. Failing that, I took a Panadol and texted my friends crazy stuff like, my head! My head! 

Anyway I have found a place to move to, and am currently procrastinating by lounging in bed when I should be packing. And shopping for furniture. I have never bought furniture before - only an Ikea Lack Side Table and Clothes Rack. Should be fun!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

tiny times 小时代

actually i had wanted to watch Tiny Times for awhile now, but because it was known as a 烂片 i never got around to it. it was the highest grossing Chinese film that year but every Chinese person i spoke with said it's a load of crap. (still, it's doing well enough to be shooting its fourth sequel now.)

a few days ago i stumbled upon a critique of the movie which prepared me for how ridiculous it can get. then i watched the trailer (v good) and Cath and i watched it over dinner one night.

it wasn't as bad as expected, though yes, the girls are quite 花痴-i mean, what's with the slo-mo shots of androgynous guys as seen through the eyes of a coupled up girl? and when i saw their dorm i started laughing - it looked like something from Friends, and if you've ever seen an Asian dorm room, it looks nothing like that. but then again, i always say that if i wanted real life, i'll just take a look around my teeny weeny room and think about my 1.5h each-way commute to work.

for 2 hours of good-looking people, stylish clothes and one LOL scene, Tiny Times is up to the job.

next movie on my list - Tiny Times 2.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

the real sydney map





an hour ago i was half-dead on my bed with a splitting headache and extreme nausea.

then i swallowed a Panadol Rapid.

it finally kicked in.

i feel like a human being again.

grateful for the wonderful invention which is painkiller! (2)

Elizabeth Bay
last week the girls had brunch at Elizabeth Bay near Kings Cross. Kings Cross is known for strip clubs but once you walk past the slightly dodgy stretch outside the railway station, it's actually quite lovely - all old pretty buildings, very tasteful. It is located in the Eastern suburbs, after all.

In Sydney,

Eastern suburbs -> old money
North Shore -> new money
Southern line -> upper middle class
Inner west -> middle class
Greater west -> everybody else..

I figured this out after a couple of years in Sydney. Now when I think back to this Chinese girl who was (I think) trying to express her status to me at the start of my first semester I find it funny because I was so new to Sydney I couldn't understand the prestige linked to addresses.

Her: I live in North Sydney.

Me: Oh, where is it?

Her: You don't know North Sydney? It's a really nice neighbourhood.

Me: Oh, good.

Her: We have harbour views, it's very expensive.

Me: Oh, nice. ((OS: are you trying to tell me something?!


After brunch we they went to soak up the sunshine. I am of course hiding under my umbrella - Aussie sun is freaking poisonous, especially if you are 白肉底 like me. The sun feels wonderful at first, then it starts getting hot, the next thing you know your skin is red, swollen and painful.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

doctor blood

on Saturday K travelled an hour so we could go pick up my pathology test result together. i suspect she suspects i would let another 2 months pass by before i did anything if left to my own devices.

guess what the doctor prescribed?

another blood test.

i was thinking, you have got to be kidding me.

'can't they use the vial of blood they took?!'

'no, it's too late now.'

gee, thanks.

dude i don't want to do another blood test because i highly suspect i may have to do a third blood test when i pick up my second blood test result.

if in doubt, prescribe blood test.

anyway i'm ok apart from a low hb count, probably due to my aversion to eating meat and love of pairing meals with either tea or coffee - which hinders iron absorption from non-animal sources.

i'm trying to eat more meat! less carbs and sugar (goodbye my loves.)

hopefully this is the end of my sob story -

dog days are over!

i feel like i am writing a poem!

yes i just had a lot of sugar. (hello my loves.)

and my landlord just informed me she's ceasing her lease and moving to her relative's place in November, so i have to look for a new place to stay.

yes my friend asked me to lease an apartment with her just a fortnight ago and i said no thanks.

yes said friend is moving into her new place next week.

life is fabulous.

so great.

and i just went to check out the display suite of a Chinese development this morning.

despite the fact that after discussing my circumstances with a home loans officer, i actually qualify for nothing.

but i will think of 3 positives today even if i die.

seriously after i did it i realised how negative i am.

it's almost funny.

for every 'positive' i had 3 things which irked me.

maybe i need to extend it for another 5 days.

Monday, 15 September 2014

blind detective

on saturday we had tea at Lindt cafe because Kitty had a Groupon voucher -

quite good, though the macarons were too sticky and chewy. a freshness thing?

my life is now filled with a new sense of purpose because i have a new game called 'should i bring my family here?'. i make lists and try to save. i hope the family will have a good time here.

(all that sugar! no wonder my body fat content is borderline obese. i'm still in shock.)

followed by movie night at K's.

she wanted to watch Personal Tailor by Feng Xiaogang of 非诚勿扰 fame but after half an hour we were still going 'huh?' so we switched to Blind Detective and it was equally bad, if not worse.

it was described as a rom-com. rom-com, my arse! what rom-com has so much blood and violence?! the girls were like, why is he being so mean to her? and seriously the blind detective was constantly beating the lady detective up, spending her money, then convincing her to get tattoos and slash her wrists. still she fell in love with him. quite disturbing.

i thought i would have a tough night but surprisingly this song worked magic and the world became pretty and sunshiny after a listen-

my sis has good taste in music (sometimes).

Sunday, 14 September 2014

festival of the wind

annual kite-flying day at Bondi Beach. the crowds were unreal - starting in the city where people almost scrambled to board the buses.

there were long lines at every eatery, and Nikos (a fish and chippery) stopped taking orders.

there were not enough sushi - none were wasted for display.

still, it was very relaxing to sit on the beach with Christine (who loves Jo In Sung as much as I do, making her an instant friend) and people-watch (baby-watch and dog-watch for me).

there was a stall selling (fairly ugly) kites but we didn't get any. i doubt i have enough space to run in order to cast my kite off into the sky.

we attended this as a Meetup but lost everybody else and ended up sharing a 1litre box of Messina gelato w Yaw.

Pistachio, milk chocolate peanut fudge, pandan coconut, tiramisu

i tasted pistachio gelato for the first time in 16 years and was pleasantly surprised by how yummy it was! sweet and salty. we polished the box off in the windy cold, then walked from the beach to Bondi Junction because it was faster than the insane lines for the buses.

traffic was an absolute horror - transport officers came.

and now i'm home and sleepy from all the excitement of doing my blood test, the sun, the wind and general being in nature.

good night.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

a real update

in July i was diagnosed with d (omg can't bring myself to say it, too diva even for me) and tomorrow i will finally be doing my blood test (and only because K is making me do it - she will be waiting at the railway station in the city tomorrow) hopefully it will be because of some deficiency which can be fixed with vitamins because if i have to do something as first world as seeing a shrink i will die.

i'm still kicking myself for going to the doctor's because now my beautiful health record will be tainted and i will probably not be able to get my lovely Aussie passport which i have wanted since 16 (sobs) and oh my god i cannot bring myself to think about having to declare this when applying for private health insurance. it will probably cost more then i can't afford it and have to be put on long, long waiting lists on Medicare.

so if you have a heartwarming story about somebody who obtained citizenship despite having a chronic illness and/or a sneaky way i can still buy private health insurance cheaply do share. it will make my day, my week, my fortnight, my month.

but seriously, i feel fine now. and if you think not leaving more records is better please pm me asap and i will not go to the medical centre tomorrow to have a needle stuck in me (ouch). i'm now torn between the 'it was a one-off thing' approach vs. 'i got this fixed' approach. or if you know it doesn't matter because nobody checks let me know so i can have some peace of mind.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014


i won. so we watched Lucy. can somebody enlighten me on what the movie is about?

it might be a world of the future, but for now Taiwan is pretty safe and nobody walks around wielding guns. (hell, i can't even drink mineral water on their trains.)

what is the concept of immortality?

[spoiler below]

when my friend posted 'Lucy is a USB stick', i didn't know it was going to be literal.

ScarJo looked mighty fine kicking ass though.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

watching sexy movies with friends

today D and i had a, er.. discussion at Hoyt's where we were gonna watch a movie. he wanted to watch teenage mutant ninja turtles but i was more keen on Lucy.

'how can you prefer to see teenage mutant ninja turtles over Scarlett Johansson?!' i'd asked.

D: i don't want to see Lucy. is it the movie with a lot of sex?

M: 'what?!' pauses. 'i don't know, i don't think so. ScarJo kicks ass in Lucy.. i'm not sure if there's a lot of sex in it.'

D: hmm.. ok.. i don't think it's Lucy then.

M: ok let's play rock-paper-scissors. winner gets to pick the movie.

D: what?! really ?!

M: yes. ready, one, two, three!

i won.

and as we were watching the trailers, guess which trailer showed up?

M: whispered. 'is this the movie you were talking about?'

D: no.

haha i feel awkward when i watch anything sexy with friends. yes, even a trailer.

i remember bringing Nini to watch a movie at the Korean Cultural Office (KCO). it was A Good Lawyer's Wife, and there were lots of sex scenes - and they were weird to boot. we were totally unprepared, and she was even more unnerved by the experience than me.

and watching A Frozen Flower with a roomful of mostly ageing Aussies was strange as well - also at the KCO. what is it with the KCO? - but i'm glad i went to that session because Jo In Sung (now in It's Okay, That's Love) is so lovely-looking! actually everybody in that movie was good-looking.

one of my friend refused to watch The Wolf of Wall Street with us because of the anticipated awkwardness of watching sexy scenes with friends heh.

i wonder if this is something one outgrows?

Saturday, 6 September 2014

it's okay, that's love

recently obsessed with all things mental health because of my own unhinged episodes so it's only appropriate that it's okay, that's love is my favourite k-drama of the moment. never mind that it is also the only k-drama i'm watching.

i watched the first episode because i am in love with both the leads and now i am religiously following every update.

check out the awesome soundtrack -

Ship and the Globe - Kae Sun

Cross My Mind - Twin Forks

Sleepless Night - Crush (ft. Punch)

The names of the singers sound like 2 verbs.. or 2 beverages haha ((weird sense of humour surfaces.

It's Okay, It's Love - Davichi

I feel you - Hong Dae Kwang

Hero - Family of the Year

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Room Escape

So today I tried something new - omg I'm finally doing something which is not violin/TV/reading/hanging out/moping.

We bought this deal to celebrate Stan's and Barbs' birthdays. Basically it's kinda like Saw without the dead body and violence. We're locked into a room and have to figure a way out based on clues in the room.

Also kinda like 追踪 from my scout days where as juniors we had to follow a mix of clues and trails to complete missions - and as seniors where we prepared the trails.

Escape Club is run by a group of Chinese - first generation migrants or international students, judging from their accents - in a rundown-looking apartment above some shops in Kingsford, near UNSW. It's kinda brilliant because the dowdiness of the setting can be interpreted as part of the experience, and not just, you know, dowdy.

There are a few options - Virus, Prison Break, The Curse of Hogwarts, Target and Chimera. I chose Virus because our group decided to stick to either Virus or Prison Break and Prison Break sounded too physical for me.

I heard screams in the waiting area. Uh-oh.

Basically the Virus layout has 2 rooms - a kitchen (aka Lab) and a living room (aka Dr D's living room). To be an FBI agent stuck in the Lab, one must not be

  • above 80kg
  • wearing a short skirt
  • stupid

Our facilitator actually said 'the lab is for smart people'. Ouch and hahaha. (I was in the Lab). Before the game we were issued Role Cards to tell us what our roles are - Dr D, Assistant A, FBI Agents, Suicide Bomber. I was a suicide bomber.

So 5 of us was locked in the lab, where we found a locked mini treasure chest and had to figure out the PIN based on the clues. If you're stuck, you can either ask the FBI agents in the living room through a hole in a door/ask them to use the walkie talkie to ask the facilitator (2 questions)/wait for the facilitator to give you the answer when time is running out (the game is approx. 75 minutes).

We managed to make our way out into the living room and complete the mission - and I have the bruise to show for it. It was fun, though too much math was involved.

And then everybody went to yum cha while I bought a couple of glutinous rice with chicken snacks (v delicious) from an Indonesian mart and went home because I have a cold and don't want to pass it to my friends like I did to my manager hahaha.

Good night! I need to sleep early because I'm gonna wake at 5am tomorrow to throw a batch of laundry into the washing machine before anybody gets to the machine. Or the limited drying lines. For tomorrow will be the first sunny day since I got home!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Tom and Toms Cafe, Haymarket

Today is the last day of working from home. It wasn't busy, so I went to the city to return Prozac Nation - which I loved.

It has been raining since I got back. It's terrible because my laundry basket is so overflowing I had to put some laundry in plastic bags.

It's kinda nice because I get to wear my Hunter gumboots heh. They're not particularly chic or comfy but it's awesome not needing to avoid puddles oh yeah.

Lunch was at the Tom and Toms Cafe next to the Haymarket library. Catherine recommended their pretzels to me, but when I saw their honey butter toast I got distracted and ordered that instead, in a meal with a soy sweet potato latte.

Tom and Toms is a Korean franchise (does 2 branches a franchise maketh?) serving the type of foods I have seen on Benshee's (Taiwanese blogger) blog. She was waxing lyrical about how delicious honey butter toast was. Actually I was a bit unconvinced while reading her blog but standing in the cafe I was like, MUST have this now!

Never, ever, order a sweet food item with a sweet drink, especially if you are over the age of 25. It makes you wanna puke. Of course I couldn't finish the food :'( which is bad as I'm trying to budget.

Chocolate toast
Chrysanthemum tea
I loved the toast so much I went a second time last night. The chocolate version is not as yummy as the honey butter one, maybe because I had skipped breakfast and lunch and my stomach, used to 4 meals a day, was objecting.

Hopefully I will get the chance to go try their other toasts and pretzels ((mouth waters. Budget, Min, budget!

And if the chronological order of this post makes no sense, it's because I wrote it over a few days.