Sunday, 5 January 2014


Now that my sister looks like me, I have decided.. to look like my sister. 

So this is the end product of my haircut w Cat at Sister Total Beauty Care this morning. They only had 1 stylist - one beautiful, skinny stylist with perfect hair, features, bone structure, everything!

Stunning girls are everywhere! My dentist in Malaysia is so lovely, I wondered why she wasn't in the entertainment industry in South Korea - where she belongs with her flawless looks.

After the haircut we wolfed down lunch at Lantern by Wagaya, because I was watching Frozen with Dan and Alex at 2pm. My dear sister had highly recommended Frozen, but I had felt a bit guilty bringing the boys along because it turned out to be quite girly. Not as good as Enchanted, which is my favourite 'new' Disney movie - just skip the last 15 minutes. But Frozen is still quite funny and how can cartoons be so good-looking?!

Not sure if Malaysia had a screening of a Disney cartoon with Mickey and Minnie prior to the start of Frozen, but we had it here and I found it quite.. violent (this animal kept falling onto a pitchfork). I think my threshold for any unpleasantness has never been lower.

And then I returned home and cleaned my room. Cooked Dinner of the Week - I have had spaghetti with bottled sauce, paired with half a corn-on-the-cob for most dinners this week.   Easy to cook and yummy! All those years of eating the same food day-in-day-out at my Malaysian home paid off! I have a high tolerance for repetitive menus. 

The end.

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