Tuesday, 25 March 2014

for the reason of love

For the reason of 

All those countless nights when we fought

Now it’s far away
And buried in the memory 

All of our stories which we shared
Still remained in our hearts 

Now again
Only the smile from old memories
Remains in me

Although my tears are filled with
Your appearance from the back

I feel like I won’t be able to
Leave you

In the name of love
We weave many days

Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Company Man, All Mothers Are Good

I'm not sure if I'm being a mother to them, let alone a good mother.

But you are a good mother. 

All mothers are good. 

I suppose.

It's a wonderful thing to have a mother.

Recent obsession is the incredibly handsome So Ji-Sub from A Company Man.

However I wouldn't necessarily recommend this film to non-K Pop-obsessed people, as I strongly suspect the main reason I love this movie so much is because So Ji-Sub is so hot in it, it's unreal. 

My favorite scene - apart from all the scenes where Hyeong-do looks breathtakingly appealing - is where Hyeong-do is having a beer with a single mother, and the mother is talking about how she becomes less sure of who she is supposed to be as life goes on.. and how she's not sure if she's being a good mother.

My parents sometimes doubt their parenting skills, so I was totally anticipating how Hyeong-do knew Mi-yeon was a good mother after meeting her twice, when I have been brought up by my parents for 25 years and am still not sure about anything at all.

All mothers are good.

Ah. Thought it was quite beautiful.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

[future] mixed babies

Last Sunday the girls came to Ashfield to stuff their faces with authentic Shanghainese food visit me. As we were talking, I suddenly observed, 'If I did get married one day and had babies, my babies would be the ugliest out of all our babies!'

Because all my friends had boyfriends of another race - Chinese x Mexican, Chinese x Indian, Chinese x Brit, Chinese x Aussie..


As usual, highly intelligent K had a strategy - find a mixed Malaysian Chinese boyfriend!!!

'So the mixing has already been done and you will still have beautiful babies + satisfy your preference for Malaysian Chinese.'

I thought I was gonna die laughing! It is already impossible for me to find any Malaysian Chinese, where on God's good earth am I gonna find my mixed Malaysian Chinese?! But seriously there are so many mixed babies here today I saw a pure blood and thought 'wow this baby looks so strange!'

Friday, 14 March 2014

tim tam by adriano zumbo

bahaha hahaha!

 Just thinking about this gets me all excited ((might just be sugar high! high! i'm so high! high high! up in the sky! cue: Korean rapping in gravelly voice. oppaaa!!!

I was wandering around Coles being all depressed last night because all my friends were watching Lion King but I had, in a random moment of insanity, decided I didn't wanna go. (Actually every time K asks me to go out I always reject, then regret. seriously i beh tahan myself. But Dan and i are planning to go watch it together, so it's okay.) 哇,严重离题ing!

Okay okay anyway I was very impressed with this collaboration. Do we only get this in Australia? Tim Tam X Adriano Zumbo comes in 3 flavors - Choc Brownie, Raspberry White Choc and Salted Caramel (ooh Salted Caramel!!!) but I only managed to buy Choc Brownie because
1. I don't fancy White Choc

I walked around Coles twice but still no luck. But tomorrow I'll walk around Coles again. And Woolies as well. This ticks all my boxes - Tim Tam (tick), Adriano Zumbo (tick), limited edition (tick). 如果有 salted caramel 那就更完美了!

Adriano Zumbo created the Zumbarons which I gave cousin Tai during CNY. Shakti liked the salted caramel ones - but my sister found Zumbarons too sweet. But if we are related by blood and you would like some Tim Tam by AZ (omg, his name is way too long), let me know and I will bring it home.. when I go home.

Let us spare a moment to admire artistic shots of TT by AZ goodness -

(Yeah I got a new camera, hence all these art appearing heh heh heh)

I was trying to capture the slightly gooey center of the TT, don't think I succeeded, which is why I'm typing it out - center is a bit gooey. yum!

Anticipating tomorrow's catch up with Iris, whom I haven't seen in.. 2 years? (Actually a bit nervous, bound to have many awkward silences.) Then.. TT shopping!!! Salted Caramel, here I come!!! (wah so hormonal. Aging is no joke.)

Thursday, 13 March 2014

i love you, and i don't calculate

Recently, everybody has been crazy over.. well, MH370. Which still boggles my mind, actually. But before MH370, there was.. My Love from Another Star.

And after Star ended, my makeup TV (ie. TV I watch while putting on my face) of choice has been.. I Need Romance 3. So actually the first paragraph is merely a useless intro/to prove that I'm keeping up with Asian trends.

Having watched - and loved - I Need Romance (1) despite the awkward kissing scenes, I went on to watch I Need Romance 2 and now 3. I still prefer 1 but when Allen said, 'I love you, and I don't calculate.' in 3, it totally jumped out at me. 

I'm a calculator - I treat others almost exactly how they treat me. Which is great, works for me. But sometimes I think we can benefit from calculating a bit less.

During my trip home my mum told me something my dad had said during one of their arguments - of which there are many - and it had broke my heart. I don't think anybody will say something like that if he wasn't very, extremely unhappy to breaking point. I think my parents have a rocky marriage, and because mum calculates, she is unable to forget the first few years of marriage when everything was hell.

But if you asked me, do I think mum loves dad?

My answer would be yes, very much so.
To love someone is not enough, we have to prove it. I think I got this gem from Happier at Home. I used to think that just because I loved a person more than he loves me, I had to be a bit difficult (read: very, I am my mother's daughter after all) in order to make us equals. (Wow, if I had a quarter of this passion for calculations in Math class my life would be very different now.)

But nobody is the bug in your tummy, and nobody knows they are loved unless you demonstrate it. Not sure why it took me a book and half a K-drama to figure this out. This sounds so common sense now.

So if there is somebody you love, you should show it. Be nice. Be polite, even to family. Especially to family, whom we tend to take for granted. Don't calculate so much - who wins. No individual wins exist in genuine relationships, it's always win-win or lose-lose.

Love more, and calculate less.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


A week after I flew back from KL, I had brunch with B and Soph at Black Star Pastry in Rosebery. I love, love, love Black Star Pastry. Strawberry watermelon cake totally lives up to its hype, and I'm also mad about their eclairs and raspberry tarts. (I want to try the Blueberry Lavender Tart, too!)

Service wasn't spectacular - they had just been slammed in the papers - and there were no toilets! (It's a pretty big cafe to be without toilets.) But at least the staff are polite and cheerful and trying to get things moving along smoothly.

After brunch we wandered over to Koskela, which is the loveliest little (okay, it's actually huge) arts shop. It sort of reminds me of Ikea, but then, every pretty furniture shop with lots of light reminds me of Ikea, but Koskela also stocks cute cards, skincare.. and offers art workshops.

Look at the rocking horses! And the bike! I'm thinking of getting a bike since I can't bear walking 25 minutes to get to the shops for groceries and then having to lug everything home! But I don't think there is enough space in my unit for a bike.

I had a look but nothing struck my fancy. Sydney is full of adorable places like these, oozing prettiness.

Monday, 10 March 2014

i can't believe how alike we are

it was a high school moment when we rocked up to the cinema and told people we had booked an entire row for Wolf of Wall Street - the last time i went with so many people to catch a film was more than a decade ago!

this group is who i usually hang out with in Sydney. funnily enough, we're all first-generation Chinese migrants - except Dips, who's Indian heh. but i see him so often i don't even notice his race anymore, he's just Dips. birds of a feather do flock together.

yesterday i played squash for the first time in my life with some of the people in this big, big group. it was fun! but i sucked. and i have never met anybody so adept at hitting herself with her own racquet - have painful bruises on my body where i hit myself. this is why i avoid sports. but so fun! i can actually hit the ball unlike effing badminton.

this group has so many activities - currently seriously contemplating joining the sushi-eating competition. (but i had mild food poisoning a few weeks ago and the memory of the nausea and discomfort hasn't quite left me yet) hmm..

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


new home. isn't it charming?

it's an old-style apartment.

with only 4 units! and it's on a street with all kinds of houses - it's very different from the terraces i grew up with in Malaysia.

obsessed with the bathroom tiles. so old-school!
back to sleeping in a single bed. (i always slept only on one side of my double bed anyway.) downside is Boomer is usually on the floor when i wake up.

from now onwards my room is gonna look very sad -

(makeshift bedside table - storage boxes)

after a few strenuous days taking photos of my makeup and of myself for my friend who works in magazines, i kinda became obsessed with taking photos of my beauty products - of which i realize i have a lot.

my dresser is the space on top of my chest of drawers.
so far i like my new place ok. my landlord is a bit too clean - she cleans after she gets home from work, at around midnight. then next morning she's up at 7am, cleaning again - but it makes for a comfortable home.

and the other tenant is just. so. pretty. stick skinny, soft spoken and skin so blindingly white i think i gaped when i first saw her arms on display.

living in a small space is bearable if you practice neatness. bed must always be made. jackets must always be hung the second you take them off. everything must be kept in their 'home' when not in use. also i try not to move too fast in my room because inevitably i will trip over the gaggle of wires in the middle of the room.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

what is at the end of all this wandering? and how to use guys with secret tips

i can't believe it. less than 6 months from moving into this house, i'm on the move again.

Cat and i spent last night packing madly.

so much stuff. i'm getting better at packing - too much experience. suspect i'm secretly addicted to moving, though i hate packing - and can't even bear the thought of unpacking. how else can i explain my constant flitting around?

after all the packing we rewarded ourselves with black sesame glutinous rice balls and Mi Goreng (ie. trying to eat all the food we were too lazy to pack)

i'm actually dreading the move a little because the room is tiny and in the suburbs!!! just shoot me already. but i keep telling myself it's only a 10-minute express train ride to the city. i'm gonna be okay. please let me stay there peacefully for a long time.

apart from packing, i finally tried out Bobby's Cafe nearby. haha, even the barista thinks i should start dating. everybody's giving me pseudo advice - walk around Harris Farm with a banana in my basket, move in with them, Tinder.

to help myself, i watched How to use guys with secret tips.

 it was the opener for this year's Cinema at the Park. i liked the ending, as well as the music and overall concept. can i recall the tips, though? apart from tip#1 (look-hold-smile), not really. but wouldn't it be awesome to have a tutorial tape for everything!

 have a happy weekend!