Tuesday, 18 March 2014

[future] mixed babies

Last Sunday the girls came to Ashfield to stuff their faces with authentic Shanghainese food visit me. As we were talking, I suddenly observed, 'If I did get married one day and had babies, my babies would be the ugliest out of all our babies!'

Because all my friends had boyfriends of another race - Chinese x Mexican, Chinese x Indian, Chinese x Brit, Chinese x Aussie..


As usual, highly intelligent K had a strategy - find a mixed Malaysian Chinese boyfriend!!!

'So the mixing has already been done and you will still have beautiful babies + satisfy your preference for Malaysian Chinese.'

I thought I was gonna die laughing! It is already impossible for me to find any Malaysian Chinese, where on God's good earth am I gonna find my mixed Malaysian Chinese?! But seriously there are so many mixed babies here today I saw a pure blood and thought 'wow this baby looks so strange!'

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