Monday, 10 March 2014

i can't believe how alike we are

it was a high school moment when we rocked up to the cinema and told people we had booked an entire row for Wolf of Wall Street - the last time i went with so many people to catch a film was more than a decade ago!

this group is who i usually hang out with in Sydney. funnily enough, we're all first-generation Chinese migrants - except Dips, who's Indian heh. but i see him so often i don't even notice his race anymore, he's just Dips. birds of a feather do flock together.

yesterday i played squash for the first time in my life with some of the people in this big, big group. it was fun! but i sucked. and i have never met anybody so adept at hitting herself with her own racquet - have painful bruises on my body where i hit myself. this is why i avoid sports. but so fun! i can actually hit the ball unlike effing badminton.

this group has so many activities - currently seriously contemplating joining the sushi-eating competition. (but i had mild food poisoning a few weeks ago and the memory of the nausea and discomfort hasn't quite left me yet) hmm..

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