Friday, 14 March 2014

tim tam by adriano zumbo

bahaha hahaha!

 Just thinking about this gets me all excited ((might just be sugar high! high! i'm so high! high high! up in the sky! cue: Korean rapping in gravelly voice. oppaaa!!!

I was wandering around Coles being all depressed last night because all my friends were watching Lion King but I had, in a random moment of insanity, decided I didn't wanna go. (Actually every time K asks me to go out I always reject, then regret. seriously i beh tahan myself. But Dan and i are planning to go watch it together, so it's okay.) 哇,严重离题ing!

Okay okay anyway I was very impressed with this collaboration. Do we only get this in Australia? Tim Tam X Adriano Zumbo comes in 3 flavors - Choc Brownie, Raspberry White Choc and Salted Caramel (ooh Salted Caramel!!!) but I only managed to buy Choc Brownie because
1. I don't fancy White Choc

I walked around Coles twice but still no luck. But tomorrow I'll walk around Coles again. And Woolies as well. This ticks all my boxes - Tim Tam (tick), Adriano Zumbo (tick), limited edition (tick). 如果有 salted caramel 那就更完美了!

Adriano Zumbo created the Zumbarons which I gave cousin Tai during CNY. Shakti liked the salted caramel ones - but my sister found Zumbarons too sweet. But if we are related by blood and you would like some Tim Tam by AZ (omg, his name is way too long), let me know and I will bring it home.. when I go home.

Let us spare a moment to admire artistic shots of TT by AZ goodness -

(Yeah I got a new camera, hence all these art appearing heh heh heh)

I was trying to capture the slightly gooey center of the TT, don't think I succeeded, which is why I'm typing it out - center is a bit gooey. yum!

Anticipating tomorrow's catch up with Iris, whom I haven't seen in.. 2 years? (Actually a bit nervous, bound to have many awkward silences.) Then.. TT shopping!!! Salted Caramel, here I come!!! (wah so hormonal. Aging is no joke.)

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