Wednesday, 5 March 2014


new home. isn't it charming?

it's an old-style apartment.

with only 4 units! and it's on a street with all kinds of houses - it's very different from the terraces i grew up with in Malaysia.

obsessed with the bathroom tiles. so old-school!
back to sleeping in a single bed. (i always slept only on one side of my double bed anyway.) downside is Boomer is usually on the floor when i wake up.

from now onwards my room is gonna look very sad -

(makeshift bedside table - storage boxes)

after a few strenuous days taking photos of my makeup and of myself for my friend who works in magazines, i kinda became obsessed with taking photos of my beauty products - of which i realize i have a lot.

my dresser is the space on top of my chest of drawers.
so far i like my new place ok. my landlord is a bit too clean - she cleans after she gets home from work, at around midnight. then next morning she's up at 7am, cleaning again - but it makes for a comfortable home.

and the other tenant is just. so. pretty. stick skinny, soft spoken and skin so blindingly white i think i gaped when i first saw her arms on display.

living in a small space is bearable if you practice neatness. bed must always be made. jackets must always be hung the second you take them off. everything must be kept in their 'home' when not in use. also i try not to move too fast in my room because inevitably i will trip over the gaggle of wires in the middle of the room.

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