Saturday, 1 March 2014

what is at the end of all this wandering? and how to use guys with secret tips

i can't believe it. less than 6 months from moving into this house, i'm on the move again.

Cat and i spent last night packing madly.

so much stuff. i'm getting better at packing - too much experience. suspect i'm secretly addicted to moving, though i hate packing - and can't even bear the thought of unpacking. how else can i explain my constant flitting around?

after all the packing we rewarded ourselves with black sesame glutinous rice balls and Mi Goreng (ie. trying to eat all the food we were too lazy to pack)

i'm actually dreading the move a little because the room is tiny and in the suburbs!!! just shoot me already. but i keep telling myself it's only a 10-minute express train ride to the city. i'm gonna be okay. please let me stay there peacefully for a long time.

apart from packing, i finally tried out Bobby's Cafe nearby. haha, even the barista thinks i should start dating. everybody's giving me pseudo advice - walk around Harris Farm with a banana in my basket, move in with them, Tinder.

to help myself, i watched How to use guys with secret tips.

 it was the opener for this year's Cinema at the Park. i liked the ending, as well as the music and overall concept. can i recall the tips, though? apart from tip#1 (look-hold-smile), not really. but wouldn't it be awesome to have a tutorial tape for everything!

 have a happy weekend!

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