Wednesday, 30 April 2014

North Korea-approved movie

In case anybody wants to watch a South Korean movie which has a North Korean seal of approval..

We were shown a clip of The Host (2006) - not to be confused with Stephanie Meyer's The Host (2013), and to me it's very Godzilla-esque.

Apparently North Korea approves of this movie, which broke South Korea's box office records when it was released, due to its 'anti-America sentiments' Hahahahahaha glad you like it

Monday, 28 April 2014

kitchen by mike | black star pastry | soph's 26th

After visiting Koskela last time, Soph decided she had to try Kitchen by Mike, so she drove us there on her birthday (in her new Audi omg).

The line was unreal, snaking all the way to the restrooms! Food was okay- my chicken was so burnt I can feel cancer growing within me as I ate the skin. (I know I shouldn't, but I couldn't resist a bite of the charred skin as the chicken meat didn't taste of anything at all.) Coffee was good - recently I have given up on soy cappuccinos and am now a Long Black girl.

Cake 'ceremony' was quietly done at Black Star next door. I was quite keen to sample the Blueberry Lavender tart, but one bite and I didn't touch it again. If you're wondering what lavender tastes like, it tastes like ginger - which I dislike.

Many happy returns :)

Friday, 25 April 2014

woman, aged 50

'I fell in love with this dress when I saw it in America. It didn't fit, but I loved it so much that I bought it for myself and vowed to wear it for my 50th birthday party, by hook or by crook!

And so.. I lost some weight and wore it to my 50th birthday party last week!'

Totally inspirational! What can I say.. she makes turning 50 sound so glamorous and fun! Something to be anticipated and celebrated.

Stockings with seams were the epitome of luxury, class and sophistication. Women who could not afford the real deal from department stores sometimes drew the lines on with pencils.

I actually have a pair of seamed stockings and I can safely say from personal experience that only the skinny can wear them without looking ridiculous.

Yes I am secretly in love with her. Such prettiness!

Miss Pin-Up Australia

Thursday, 24 April 2014

end of an era

Recently two of my Sydney haunts closed down. Sydney Antique Centre will cease operations at the end of June, and my favorite Korean buffet BBQ also shut down. Along with my acceptance of Andrew Garfield as Spiderman (? are these related?), it's undeniable that I'm no longer young young. What is it about favorite places closing down that makes one feel old? Maybe because those places had strong associations with my (in hindsight) happy 'postgraduate years'.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

before sunrise - reincarnation

After a year of hearing S yap about it, I finally watched Before Sunrise.

as a firm believer of reincarnation and karma, this bloody movie changed my life! there was this conversation (this movie is literally 2 hours of conversation) where Ethan Hawke was wondering how reincarnation is possible when we have a lot more people in the world now compared to times past.

where did all the additional people come from? or did the souls get split up? are we all wondering around with half souls in our bodies?

very good questions. did the extras come from animals? the extinct ones? what?! i feel so lost whenever i think about this! if you have an idea, please enlighten me.

(i've had 'human beings evolved from apes.' and 'go to church.' so something new please. and i do go to church okay. received a palm leaf last Sunday.)

now i need to get my hands on Before Sunset. it's magical, really, these 3 movies, but i hope it's not as life-changing as the first one.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

magazine editorial

so 姐 has achieved my lifelong dream (?) of being in a magazine. yes that is kind of my lifelong dream. 姐本来就没什么志气。

i even bought a new camera for this! (i also bought several pairs of new shoes.. who am i kidding? i just love shopping.)

when i sent the photos to Yuan Yuan who is interning at Jasmine (which unfortunately i don't read. i only read Vivi in Malaysia now) i pleaded with her to further photoshop my 'mug shot' - specifically to lengthen it so my face looks sharper.

obviously she didn't!!! nonono!!! or she did but my face still looks fat omg!!! i swear, when i took that photo, i was totally regretting my 2.5 years of Aussie non-diet. (then i submitted the photo and forgot my anguish and went back to eating a lot. oops.)

i took like at least 50 shots before i got one which i can use -

i actually already photoshopped this like mad, removing any traces of freckles and acne scars. my skin is killing me - i got through high school happily, having (in retrospect) fabulous skin - but now i keep having zits on my chin!!! why?! (actually life is killing me in general, but i digress. but dear God please don't let my zits flare beyond its current state - where people don't usually notice them haha)

this is of course not the actual contents of my makeup bag - of which i have 2, stuffed to the brim, plus a box of lipsticks. but these were my preferred war paint in February/March. the only constant in my life (?) is Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment. and Clio Professional Twisturn liquid eyeliner (my 3rd one! seriously i'm so 老梗,once i like something i just stick to it).

so.. cheers to having achieved lifelong dream #17. i can probably write another one about realizing my lifelong dream #1 of moving to Australia, but so far that is turning into a nightmare.. so maybe when life feels dreamy again..

Saturday, 12 April 2014

meet my baby

this is my instrument of choice! you can still see my practice tapes - the white strips which help me position my fingers - on the finger board. they will be coming off soon as i prep for AMEB exams in August. then i have to play by feel and hearing OMG.

i started learning violin mid 2012, probably around the time Love Rain came out. i heard Shiny Love and in a moment of insanity, decided i wanted to play it, found a teacher and bought a violin. i thought it would be easier than the piano (another moment of insanity - how can violin be easier than piano?!).

despite having played for almost 2 years i still struggle to find strength in my arms and fingers. with piano i just need to focus on my fingers but with violin i require more stamina to maintain the instrument's position, stretch my fingers and exert the right amount of pressure on the strings using the bow.

i think once you actually learn something, you realize how technical it is. (kinda like how you realize how terribly tiring life is when you keep having to compete with 3,600 other candidates for every job out there. i thought 700 other competitors were tough last year, now it's 3,600?!! *vomits blood*)

so can i play Shiny Love yet? haha yes and no. i can play the notes, but it has no expression. so.. total respect for the violinists out there. plus now my Favorite contemporary piece has gone back to Conquer the Universe (video).

so this is my artistic distraction from the incredible cruelty of my real life.

(by the way my parents don't know about this as well, so let's keep it that way.)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

introduction to Korean cinema

when i say i like something, i mean it. which is why i have taken my love of all things Korean to another obsessive level and enrolled in a lecture series about Korean cinema.

i love activities which are
1. free
2. cultural / artsy fartsy
3. offers free food

this ticked all the boxes. they even provided notebooks and pens! and the lecturer actually attends the Busan Film Festival every year ((dies from envy.

so i just flicked through the notes i took yesterday (Humble beginnings: From Colonisation to the 'Golden Age' of South Korean Movies) and betcha didn't know

1. the first Korean movies were directed by the Japanese during their occupation of Korea.
we watched clips of these, and it was quite amusing hearing Korean interspersed with Japanese and seeing the Japanese subtitles on the right side of the screen. it's mostly propaganda and has scenes of the Rising Sun being raised and Koreans pledging allegiance to the Emperor.

but on the bright side the first few generations of directors were all trained in Japan, and knew their shit. possibly also why the entertainment system in both countries are so similar.

2. majority of old Korean movies were destroyed during the war(s) and what we have now is actually from China.
this is because the Japanese-produced Korean movies were sent to Manchuria where Korean troops were fighting on behalf of the Japanese.

3. the archive of old films has been further 'edited' by the South Korean government.
this happens when actors defect to North Korea. they just chop a good 20 minutes away from a 90 minute movie. hard to imagine, but once North Korea was probably more prosperous than the South.

4. 'The Hand of Fate' (1954)
the year dad was born! this film marked the first (blink-and-you'll-miss) onscreen kiss and featured a lady smoker! lecturer says there's a 'thing about Korean women and cigarettes' and I must agree.

i had a couple of female Korean housemates who smoked but hid (?) their cigarettes in the bathroom/kitchen. once i borrowed a lighter from one, and she seemed shocked. a few minutes later she asked me how i knew she smoked. (er, i can still see your packet behind your shower gel?)

5. after the propaganda movies came liberalization movies (post WWII) and when the Americans were in South Korea, there were many movies about Westernization, decadence, female sexuality.

i actually think South Korean movies are very open. and i also just realized that for every Korean movie that i watch, i have seen at least one of the actors in another film before. it's scary.

next movie on my personal list is Secretly, greatly which lecturer says did really well at the Korean box office last year.

plus Kim Soo Hyun is cute - so is everybody else in the trailer, not counting Scarface. actually it's kind of amazing how the actors preserve their youth so well! and it's almost unnatural how beautiful they all are.

apparently there is a 15-year gap but who can tell?

here is the link to Han Hyung Mo's Madame Freedom (1956)

(i haven't watched the full movie, but it's about multiple people having affairs, but i do remember a lovely waltz playing - either Skater's Waltz, Blue Danube.. or something else.)

and here is Shin Sang Ok's A Flower In Hell (1958)

(about 2 brothers romantically involved with the same prostitute - wah. an interesting fact is the prostitute is played by the director's wife, who acted in like 70+ of his movies for free, as part of her wifely duties. i don't know about this..)

i think i need to hit on my fellow classmates so i have somebody to nerd with.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


to prevent self from sliding down the slippery slopes of self-pity-self-hatred and general blues.. this is a sight which always makes me smile (for like a nanosecond before I become depressed again) -

my music stand. which is actually a drawer opened just so and propped up by my bottles of skincare behind.

because i have a low laughing point, which makes me easily amused, i always chuckle a bit when i practice, but then am reminded that only total losers cannot afford a room big enough to hold a stand at the ripe old age of 25 with 2 Master's degrees.

unemployment just went up 2% in Australia. (fact)

Monday, 7 April 2014

sydney antique centre - vintage fashion parade, daywear

A couple of weekends ago I went to Vintage Fashion Parade at Sydney Antique Centre.

Deborah from The Vintage Drawer opened the parade.

(The grandma with thick, wavy white hair is in her 80s! But still so stylish and energetic! Wah inspiration!)

The parade was a collaboration among a few vendors at Sydney Antique Centre, all dressed up -

Not sure why but I feel white people look better in vintage. Not strange to see one dressed like this walking around Sydney - but I would do a double take an Asian wore vintage Asian clothing around town.

Outfit #1 - vintage suit circa WWI

Actually I love vintage suits! This suit totally reminded me of Peggy in Captain America: The First Avenger. That was an era when women's suits resembled uniforms and were quite sparse due to fabric restrictions.

I didn't even watch the entire movie but Peggy's sharp suit and red lipstick has been burned into my memory.. possibly for all eternity.

Outfit #2 Mod suit

This is not really my style - I like the old stuff. But this model - who is a 'scientist by day' - has the perfect looks for this outfit! Cute hair and face! Very Austin Powers.

Outfit #3 Demure pastel

This model has tattoos on her face!!! You can't really see it at first but up close there are 3 tiny stars near her right temple!

And while I am looking at these fabulous clothes I am also wondering where people wear them to?!

Outfit #4 Orange Silk

This orange suit is still on display at The Vintage Drawer..

Outfit #5


怎么可以这么美 omg

The shoes are nice too!

Outfit #6 PJs



Outfit #7 Check Suit

This is stunning as well! So beautiful I thought I was going to die.

Outfit #7 Beautiful Irish Model

This is the prettiest model of the day, I think. Deborah could tell she had Irish blood just by looking (?!) Could not stop staring at her.

Outfit #8 Brown Floral

Remain unconvinced about wearing brown anywhere except on lids. And this dress is too new for me to burn with excitement over! I like the old, WWI era stuff! I'm totally obsessed with wartime things - except the actual details of war - I like the nonsensical stuff like clothes, anecdotes, novels and reading war tombstones.

Outfit #9

Can I say that this made me think of.. 三寸金莲?! A pity our ancestors didn't know this shoe design, if not we could have saved all the trouble and misery of foot binding.

Outfit #10 Red Velvet

Back to Most Beautiful Model again!! Look at her back! Zit-free prettiness!

This dress is from the era of Beethoven ie. 背多分,which means 'more beautiful from the back'.

There is a tiny bit of black petticoat peeping out from under the dress. Deborah is mad about petticoats and is always trying to get people to wear at least 2 ((laughs.

Outfit #11

These shoes are too pretty, I posted them twice! I love the elegance of pumps but sadly am unable to wear them because they pinch my wide feet!

Outfit #12 Miss Pin Up

This is Kitty, aka Miss Pin Up Australia 2013.

Outfit #13 Yellow Cheongsam

The coat is actually very pretty, but the thing with long coats is that they must be paired with heels, if one wants to avoid looking like a hobo grandma.

Yellow cheongsam!!! Omg I want this so much!!! But I think I will only have 1 Old Shanghai party in my life so the (as yet unworn) red cheongsam hanging in my room would have to suffice. And it's not really a cheongsam, more a dress with a mandarin collar..

Outfit #14

Wow I love this shot!!! Looks so cool!!!

A lovely look. Ah~ In my next life can I be born as a white-skinned white chick in maybe 1950s so I can wear these?

Outfit #15 Air hostess look

Back in the days traveling was much more luxurious and an occasion to dress up. Nowadays I only ensure I wear makeup + a (anti pollution, not the skincare type) face mask when traveling. Nini gave me a washable face mask for my 23rd birthday and I love it to death! I wear it all the time. It makes it easier for me to breathe in cold/dry air, and keeps my drooly-mouth-open sleeping look from the general public. Am on the lookout for another one to use when my current one is in the wash.

Outfit #16

Outfit #17

 Outfit #18 Green Velvet

Last Daywear Outfit  is by the Beautiful Model again! I dislike velvet but she looks gorgeous in this outfit!

So here it is! 18 outfits which are difficult to wear in daily life but nice to record and look at!