Wednesday, 16 April 2014

before sunrise - reincarnation

After a year of hearing S yap about it, I finally watched Before Sunrise.

as a firm believer of reincarnation and karma, this bloody movie changed my life! there was this conversation (this movie is literally 2 hours of conversation) where Ethan Hawke was wondering how reincarnation is possible when we have a lot more people in the world now compared to times past.

where did all the additional people come from? or did the souls get split up? are we all wondering around with half souls in our bodies?

very good questions. did the extras come from animals? the extinct ones? what?! i feel so lost whenever i think about this! if you have an idea, please enlighten me.

(i've had 'human beings evolved from apes.' and 'go to church.' so something new please. and i do go to church okay. received a palm leaf last Sunday.)

now i need to get my hands on Before Sunset. it's magical, really, these 3 movies, but i hope it's not as life-changing as the first one.

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