Monday, 28 April 2014

kitchen by mike | black star pastry | soph's 26th

After visiting Koskela last time, Soph decided she had to try Kitchen by Mike, so she drove us there on her birthday (in her new Audi omg).

The line was unreal, snaking all the way to the restrooms! Food was okay- my chicken was so burnt I can feel cancer growing within me as I ate the skin. (I know I shouldn't, but I couldn't resist a bite of the charred skin as the chicken meat didn't taste of anything at all.) Coffee was good - recently I have given up on soy cappuccinos and am now a Long Black girl.

Cake 'ceremony' was quietly done at Black Star next door. I was quite keen to sample the Blueberry Lavender tart, but one bite and I didn't touch it again. If you're wondering what lavender tastes like, it tastes like ginger - which I dislike.

Many happy returns :)

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