Tuesday, 15 April 2014

magazine editorial

so 姐 has achieved my lifelong dream (?) of being in a magazine. yes that is kind of my lifelong dream. 姐本来就没什么志气。

i even bought a new camera for this! (i also bought several pairs of new shoes.. who am i kidding? i just love shopping.)

when i sent the photos to Yuan Yuan who is interning at Jasmine (which unfortunately i don't read. i only read Vivi in Malaysia now) i pleaded with her to further photoshop my 'mug shot' - specifically to lengthen it so my face looks sharper.

obviously she didn't!!! nonono!!! or she did but my face still looks fat omg!!! i swear, when i took that photo, i was totally regretting my 2.5 years of Aussie non-diet. (then i submitted the photo and forgot my anguish and went back to eating a lot. oops.)

i took like at least 50 shots before i got one which i can use -

i actually already photoshopped this like mad, removing any traces of freckles and acne scars. my skin is killing me - i got through high school happily, having (in retrospect) fabulous skin - but now i keep having zits on my chin!!! why?! (actually life is killing me in general, but i digress. but dear God please don't let my zits flare beyond its current state - where people don't usually notice them haha)

this is of course not the actual contents of my makeup bag - of which i have 2, stuffed to the brim, plus a box of lipsticks. but these were my preferred war paint in February/March. the only constant in my life (?) is Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment. and Clio Professional Twisturn liquid eyeliner (my 3rd one! seriously i'm so 老梗,once i like something i just stick to it).

so.. cheers to having achieved lifelong dream #17. i can probably write another one about realizing my lifelong dream #1 of moving to Australia, but so far that is turning into a nightmare.. so maybe when life feels dreamy again..

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