Saturday, 12 April 2014

meet my baby

this is my instrument of choice! you can still see my practice tapes - the white strips which help me position my fingers - on the finger board. they will be coming off soon as i prep for AMEB exams in August. then i have to play by feel and hearing OMG.

i started learning violin mid 2012, probably around the time Love Rain came out. i heard Shiny Love and in a moment of insanity, decided i wanted to play it, found a teacher and bought a violin. i thought it would be easier than the piano (another moment of insanity - how can violin be easier than piano?!).

despite having played for almost 2 years i still struggle to find strength in my arms and fingers. with piano i just need to focus on my fingers but with violin i require more stamina to maintain the instrument's position, stretch my fingers and exert the right amount of pressure on the strings using the bow.

i think once you actually learn something, you realize how technical it is. (kinda like how you realize how terribly tiring life is when you keep having to compete with 3,600 other candidates for every job out there. i thought 700 other competitors were tough last year, now it's 3,600?!! *vomits blood*)

so can i play Shiny Love yet? haha yes and no. i can play the notes, but it has no expression. so.. total respect for the violinists out there. plus now my Favorite contemporary piece has gone back to Conquer the Universe (video).

so this is my artistic distraction from the incredible cruelty of my real life.

(by the way my parents don't know about this as well, so let's keep it that way.)

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