Monday, 7 April 2014

sydney antique centre - vintage fashion parade, daywear

A couple of weekends ago I went to Vintage Fashion Parade at Sydney Antique Centre.

Deborah from The Vintage Drawer opened the parade.

(The grandma with thick, wavy white hair is in her 80s! But still so stylish and energetic! Wah inspiration!)

The parade was a collaboration among a few vendors at Sydney Antique Centre, all dressed up -

Not sure why but I feel white people look better in vintage. Not strange to see one dressed like this walking around Sydney - but I would do a double take an Asian wore vintage Asian clothing around town.

Outfit #1 - vintage suit circa WWI

Actually I love vintage suits! This suit totally reminded me of Peggy in Captain America: The First Avenger. That was an era when women's suits resembled uniforms and were quite sparse due to fabric restrictions.

I didn't even watch the entire movie but Peggy's sharp suit and red lipstick has been burned into my memory.. possibly for all eternity.

Outfit #2 Mod suit

This is not really my style - I like the old stuff. But this model - who is a 'scientist by day' - has the perfect looks for this outfit! Cute hair and face! Very Austin Powers.

Outfit #3 Demure pastel

This model has tattoos on her face!!! You can't really see it at first but up close there are 3 tiny stars near her right temple!

And while I am looking at these fabulous clothes I am also wondering where people wear them to?!

Outfit #4 Orange Silk

This orange suit is still on display at The Vintage Drawer..

Outfit #5


怎么可以这么美 omg

The shoes are nice too!

Outfit #6 PJs



Outfit #7 Check Suit

This is stunning as well! So beautiful I thought I was going to die.

Outfit #7 Beautiful Irish Model

This is the prettiest model of the day, I think. Deborah could tell she had Irish blood just by looking (?!) Could not stop staring at her.

Outfit #8 Brown Floral

Remain unconvinced about wearing brown anywhere except on lids. And this dress is too new for me to burn with excitement over! I like the old, WWI era stuff! I'm totally obsessed with wartime things - except the actual details of war - I like the nonsensical stuff like clothes, anecdotes, novels and reading war tombstones.

Outfit #9

Can I say that this made me think of.. 三寸金莲?! A pity our ancestors didn't know this shoe design, if not we could have saved all the trouble and misery of foot binding.

Outfit #10 Red Velvet

Back to Most Beautiful Model again!! Look at her back! Zit-free prettiness!

This dress is from the era of Beethoven ie. 背多分,which means 'more beautiful from the back'.

There is a tiny bit of black petticoat peeping out from under the dress. Deborah is mad about petticoats and is always trying to get people to wear at least 2 ((laughs.

Outfit #11

These shoes are too pretty, I posted them twice! I love the elegance of pumps but sadly am unable to wear them because they pinch my wide feet!

Outfit #12 Miss Pin Up

This is Kitty, aka Miss Pin Up Australia 2013.

Outfit #13 Yellow Cheongsam

The coat is actually very pretty, but the thing with long coats is that they must be paired with heels, if one wants to avoid looking like a hobo grandma.

Yellow cheongsam!!! Omg I want this so much!!! But I think I will only have 1 Old Shanghai party in my life so the (as yet unworn) red cheongsam hanging in my room would have to suffice. And it's not really a cheongsam, more a dress with a mandarin collar..

Outfit #14

Wow I love this shot!!! Looks so cool!!!

A lovely look. Ah~ In my next life can I be born as a white-skinned white chick in maybe 1950s so I can wear these?

Outfit #15 Air hostess look

Back in the days traveling was much more luxurious and an occasion to dress up. Nowadays I only ensure I wear makeup + a (anti pollution, not the skincare type) face mask when traveling. Nini gave me a washable face mask for my 23rd birthday and I love it to death! I wear it all the time. It makes it easier for me to breathe in cold/dry air, and keeps my drooly-mouth-open sleeping look from the general public. Am on the lookout for another one to use when my current one is in the wash.

Outfit #16

Outfit #17

 Outfit #18 Green Velvet

Last Daywear Outfit  is by the Beautiful Model again! I dislike velvet but she looks gorgeous in this outfit!

So here it is! 18 outfits which are difficult to wear in daily life but nice to record and look at! 


Serenely said...

Beautiful array of dresses! I love vintage clothing too... but certain styles seem to be hard to carry off without picture perfect makeup, which is something I can never achieve

MiN said...

yeah and i think heels are needed to complete the look! ouch!