Monday, 23 June 2014

Lemisee Collections, Surry Hills

Giselle, Enchanted
I really wanted to buy the Giselle dress in the store but who am I kidding? I only look good in white/basic colors.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Gnome, Surry Hills

Cronut = croissant x donut
Baked polenta

Once a week the Sydney girls catch up and 吐苦水 at each other, make each other laugh, sympathize, listen and give advice to each other. It's kinda awesome and keeps us sane.

Brunch at Surry Hills at noon on a Sunday = lines. There is no escape. Just accept it and get a number pronto. Because we wanted to skip the queues, so we walked along Crown Street twice, but I swear, every cafe had a line. We ended up waiting anyway.

I passed the time by taking photos. Sydney can be quite pretty. And looking at these pictures make me feel like my life here is more glamorous than it is.

(Actually I do do some fun stuff. Last night St took me to listen to Song of the Earth by Strathfield Symphony Orchestra, which is a totally new experience. Usually I go to the Opera House or Capitol Theatre, but this is the first time at a community recital! It's super cute, snacks and coffee/tea are served during intermission. Feels like a school performance, very 亲切. Apparently some suburbs have small neighborhood orchestras which hold performances. I was charmed.)

I'm so much prettier when I don't talk.

Coffee: Bad
Food: OK
Ambiance: Good
Wait time: 15 min

Friday, 20 June 2014

the zoos of singapore

Cleaning out my Dropbox today and happened upon these photos of my Singapore trip

Sometimes I think I am still young and plan my holidays with an ambitiousness bordering on plain crazy. My sis is just as bad - we planned to visit the 3 Singapore zoos - zoo, River Safari and Night Safari in one day.

I love zoos but even I was knackered at the end of the day and practically passed out on the Night Safari train.

Panda food!
Panda sleeping
White tiger. 太帅了
I haven't seen my cousins in years! Meipo grew up very prettily,走的是气质小清新路线-只是衣服不是。Whenever she has time she will have a nose in a book.

Elephant show!
I always have a bit of mixed feelings whenever I watch animal shows because of all the PETA campaigns appearing on my social media feeds.

But then I always think zoos can be a haven for these animals, which will be viciously hunted if left in the wild.

In the late afternoon we raised white flags and decided to return to our accommodation to rest before Night Safari.

Eunice and I decided to utilize rest time to enjoy a nice Japanese dinner. (Bad idea, should have showered and slept instead.)

This is why I don't like Real Life. Photo looks much better!

This dessert is like drinking liquid sugar, and that's coming from a person who has a high tolerance for sweetness.

Kill us already!
Here's us wishing for death after the Night Safari.

Lesson learned: no more 3 zoos in a day.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Biennale at Cockatoo Island

10 hour footage of a waterfall in Iceland, slowed down ever so slightly

A close-up of mini art
The land of fairy tales
The happiest gym in the world! 
All the science which made the art possible!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

kokoda memorial walkway

On Monday, my tummy finally stopped churning, and I went to a BBQ with friends - although I couldn't bring myself to eat the food. I never, ever want to get food poisoning ever again!!! (Stan and I ate near my home after the BBQ. He's nice, maybe because he thought I had slashed my wrists when he saw my photo - it's actually just a hospital tag hahaha I'm not that dramatic yet.)

Fresh air is good! For the body and for the soul. We took a short walk, but it was actually cold and rainy, not very conducive to being outdoors. Come on, Sydney, stop raining! I need to do my laundry!