Wednesday, 2 July 2014


I'm not sure if I feel sorry for her, or if I envy her. Yes, she is a mistress who has to have a baby illegally in the USA alone, and the man doesn't pay her much attention. But she also has an unlimited credit card, awesome looks and so many luxury bags! Plus she's a great cook!

But I started asking my Chinese friends about the effect of the one-child policy on mistresses in China, and apparently it's one way to get the man to divorce his wife and marry the mistress, otherwise the baby will have to be aborted, because a baby without officially married parents is not recognized by the state, and the mother will be unable to obtain a Baby Permit for medical checkups at public hospitals. One way to get around this is by going to a private hospital, if you have the money, but afterwards it will be a tough, tough life for the baby - from getting an ID, to going to school.. everything is going to cost a lot. (This method is also useful for nudging Chinese boyfriends down the aisle.)

I never knew having a baby could be quite so complicated. A Baby Permit! Very eye-opening.

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