Wednesday, 9 July 2014

caffeine monsters

Caffeine is a drug! I blame last night's nightmare on 2 cups of coffee and a milk tea at night - I usually limit myself to a morning coffee and lunchtime tea, no caffeine at night.

I have been reading Murakami's 1Q84 for the past month, and last night I finally read the story within the story Air Chrysalis. The Little People crawled out of a dead goat's mouth and made air chrysalises. In the chrysalis there would be the essence of you, or it could be your deepest fear.

The thought of my deepest fear taking form and substance is almost too much, although I kept telling myself that I am an educated 25-year-old who shouldn't be afraid of monsters. But sometimes the night is so dark that it overwhelms my logic. (The last time I lost my sanity was after watching Stephen Chows' Journey to the West last year.)

I spent the night climbing in and out of bed to switch the light on/off. In the end I held Boomer, facing out, and hoped that he can work his teddy magic on the Little People and/or any evil spirits should they come.

Only reading Elle and watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast again as entertainment today - I haven't watched it since I was in primary school, and it's a joy to rediscover. There's a lot of nuances which my kindergarten self couldn't grasp.

Good night, sleep tight.

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