Tuesday, 8 July 2014

the other parts of June

The secret to iPhone selfies for a group is using the timer function in Camera360 (app) while using the front camera.
Our colorful friend visited us during lunch
Easter Egg Nest Cake

Recently obsessed with Disney. I love this song from Pocahontas, though the video is a bit mushy.

Girl topics covered which I couldn't contribute to: how to live harmoniously with boyfriend, splitting bills with boyfriend (I favor 2:1), does your boyfriend text other chicks regularly? Splitting household chores with boyfriend, how to tell manager you're overworked.

Girl topics covered which I contributed to: this guy keeps asking me out but never makes a move, ABCs are more conservative than real Asians?

Weight gained: 3kg

Sad moment: when my guy friend asked me, 'Do you always have such low self-confidence?' and I realized I have changed beyond recognition.

Funny moment: nighttime, sitting in my friend's car in semi-darkness. Before I got down from the car I said, 'I actually have no hair' and pretended to pull my scalp off from my forehead. He literally shrank from me. Nearly died laughing. I'm hilarious, really.

Embarrassing moment: thinking cute guy who walked into a room was motioning at me when he was motioning to the guy beside me *covers face* He must be wondering why that random chick across the room was making hand gestures at him.

Reading: 1Q84 by Murakami (of course!). Have been at it for more than a month now, it's so thick!

Best movie seen in cinema: Maleficent (The other movie I watched was 22 Jump Street)

Best movie seen in bed: Jerry Maguire (I also liked Almost Famous.)

Favorite activity: Hibernate

June 2014, summarized.

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