Saturday, 30 August 2014

Room Escape

So today I tried something new - omg I'm finally doing something which is not violin/TV/reading/hanging out/moping.

We bought this deal to celebrate Stan's and Barbs' birthdays. Basically it's kinda like Saw without the dead body and violence. We're locked into a room and have to figure a way out based on clues in the room.

Also kinda like 追踪 from my scout days where as juniors we had to follow a mix of clues and trails to complete missions - and as seniors where we prepared the trails.

Escape Club is run by a group of Chinese - first generation migrants or international students, judging from their accents - in a rundown-looking apartment above some shops in Kingsford, near UNSW. It's kinda brilliant because the dowdiness of the setting can be interpreted as part of the experience, and not just, you know, dowdy.

There are a few options - Virus, Prison Break, The Curse of Hogwarts, Target and Chimera. I chose Virus because our group decided to stick to either Virus or Prison Break and Prison Break sounded too physical for me.

I heard screams in the waiting area. Uh-oh.

Basically the Virus layout has 2 rooms - a kitchen (aka Lab) and a living room (aka Dr D's living room). To be an FBI agent stuck in the Lab, one must not be

  • above 80kg
  • wearing a short skirt
  • stupid

Our facilitator actually said 'the lab is for smart people'. Ouch and hahaha. (I was in the Lab). Before the game we were issued Role Cards to tell us what our roles are - Dr D, Assistant A, FBI Agents, Suicide Bomber. I was a suicide bomber.

So 5 of us was locked in the lab, where we found a locked mini treasure chest and had to figure out the PIN based on the clues. If you're stuck, you can either ask the FBI agents in the living room through a hole in a door/ask them to use the walkie talkie to ask the facilitator (2 questions)/wait for the facilitator to give you the answer when time is running out (the game is approx. 75 minutes).

We managed to make our way out into the living room and complete the mission - and I have the bruise to show for it. It was fun, though too much math was involved.

And then everybody went to yum cha while I bought a couple of glutinous rice with chicken snacks (v delicious) from an Indonesian mart and went home because I have a cold and don't want to pass it to my friends like I did to my manager hahaha.

Good night! I need to sleep early because I'm gonna wake at 5am tomorrow to throw a batch of laundry into the washing machine before anybody gets to the machine. Or the limited drying lines. For tomorrow will be the first sunny day since I got home!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Tom and Toms Cafe, Haymarket

Today is the last day of working from home. It wasn't busy, so I went to the city to return Prozac Nation - which I loved.

It has been raining since I got back. It's terrible because my laundry basket is so overflowing I had to put some laundry in plastic bags.

It's kinda nice because I get to wear my Hunter gumboots heh. They're not particularly chic or comfy but it's awesome not needing to avoid puddles oh yeah.

Lunch was at the Tom and Toms Cafe next to the Haymarket library. Catherine recommended their pretzels to me, but when I saw their honey butter toast I got distracted and ordered that instead, in a meal with a soy sweet potato latte.

Tom and Toms is a Korean franchise (does 2 branches a franchise maketh?) serving the type of foods I have seen on Benshee's (Taiwanese blogger) blog. She was waxing lyrical about how delicious honey butter toast was. Actually I was a bit unconvinced while reading her blog but standing in the cafe I was like, MUST have this now!

Never, ever, order a sweet food item with a sweet drink, especially if you are over the age of 25. It makes you wanna puke. Of course I couldn't finish the food :'( which is bad as I'm trying to budget.

Chocolate toast
Chrysanthemum tea
I loved the toast so much I went a second time last night. The chocolate version is not as yummy as the honey butter one, maybe because I had skipped breakfast and lunch and my stomach, used to 4 meals a day, was objecting.

Hopefully I will get the chance to go try their other toasts and pretzels ((mouth waters. Budget, Min, budget!

And if the chronological order of this post makes no sense, it's because I wrote it over a few days.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Prozac Nation the book

Depression is an ongoing battle? No, happiness is the ongoing battle.

At any rate, I don't really explain what I mean when I talk about death, but I am keenly aware that I am frightening people more than a little bit, and I realise that this is the only small delight I get anymore: knowing that others worry, watching them get this sad, discouraged look on their face, like, Shit, bring in the professionals.

My mother cries when she sees my report card. Ellie, what's happening to you? she asks. She cries some more. My baby! What's happened to my baby? She calls Dr Isaac and asks why he can't make me better faster. She goes to see him, and pretty soon she's so crazy from dealing with me that she's a patient of his too. 

I laughed out loud on the train.