Sunday, 28 September 2014

tiny times 小时代

actually i had wanted to watch Tiny Times for awhile now, but because it was known as a 烂片 i never got around to it. it was the highest grossing Chinese film that year but every Chinese person i spoke with said it's a load of crap. (still, it's doing well enough to be shooting its fourth sequel now.)

a few days ago i stumbled upon a critique of the movie which prepared me for how ridiculous it can get. then i watched the trailer (v good) and Cath and i watched it over dinner one night.

it wasn't as bad as expected, though yes, the girls are quite 花痴-i mean, what's with the slo-mo shots of androgynous guys as seen through the eyes of a coupled up girl? and when i saw their dorm i started laughing - it looked like something from Friends, and if you've ever seen an Asian dorm room, it looks nothing like that. but then again, i always say that if i wanted real life, i'll just take a look around my teeny weeny room and think about my 1.5h each-way commute to work.

for 2 hours of good-looking people, stylish clothes and one LOL scene, Tiny Times is up to the job.

next movie on my list - Tiny Times 2.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

the real sydney map





an hour ago i was half-dead on my bed with a splitting headache and extreme nausea.

then i swallowed a Panadol Rapid.

it finally kicked in.

i feel like a human being again.

grateful for the wonderful invention which is painkiller! (2)

Elizabeth Bay
last week the girls had brunch at Elizabeth Bay near Kings Cross. Kings Cross is known for strip clubs but once you walk past the slightly dodgy stretch outside the railway station, it's actually quite lovely - all old pretty buildings, very tasteful. It is located in the Eastern suburbs, after all.

In Sydney,

Eastern suburbs -> old money
North Shore -> new money
Southern line -> upper middle class
Inner west -> middle class
Greater west -> everybody else..

I figured this out after a couple of years in Sydney. Now when I think back to this Chinese girl who was (I think) trying to express her status to me at the start of my first semester I find it funny because I was so new to Sydney I couldn't understand the prestige linked to addresses.

Her: I live in North Sydney.

Me: Oh, where is it?

Her: You don't know North Sydney? It's a really nice neighbourhood.

Me: Oh, good.

Her: We have harbour views, it's very expensive.

Me: Oh, nice. ((OS: are you trying to tell me something?!


After brunch we they went to soak up the sunshine. I am of course hiding under my umbrella - Aussie sun is freaking poisonous, especially if you are 白肉底 like me. The sun feels wonderful at first, then it starts getting hot, the next thing you know your skin is red, swollen and painful.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

doctor blood

on Saturday K travelled an hour so we could go pick up my pathology test result together. i suspect she suspects i would let another 2 months pass by before i did anything if left to my own devices.

guess what the doctor prescribed?

another blood test.

i was thinking, you have got to be kidding me.

'can't they use the vial of blood they took?!'

'no, it's too late now.'

gee, thanks.

dude i don't want to do another blood test because i highly suspect i may have to do a third blood test when i pick up my second blood test result.

if in doubt, prescribe blood test.

anyway i'm ok apart from a low hb count, probably due to my aversion to eating meat and love of pairing meals with either tea or coffee - which hinders iron absorption from non-animal sources.

i'm trying to eat more meat! less carbs and sugar (goodbye my loves.)

hopefully this is the end of my sob story -

dog days are over!

i feel like i am writing a poem!

yes i just had a lot of sugar. (hello my loves.)

and my landlord just informed me she's ceasing her lease and moving to her relative's place in November, so i have to look for a new place to stay.

yes my friend asked me to lease an apartment with her just a fortnight ago and i said no thanks.

yes said friend is moving into her new place next week.

life is fabulous.

so great.

and i just went to check out the display suite of a Chinese development this morning.

despite the fact that after discussing my circumstances with a home loans officer, i actually qualify for nothing.

but i will think of 3 positives today even if i die.

seriously after i did it i realised how negative i am.

it's almost funny.

for every 'positive' i had 3 things which irked me.

maybe i need to extend it for another 5 days.

Monday, 15 September 2014

blind detective

on saturday we had tea at Lindt cafe because Kitty had a Groupon voucher -

quite good, though the macarons were too sticky and chewy. a freshness thing?

my life is now filled with a new sense of purpose because i have a new game called 'should i bring my family here?'. i make lists and try to save. i hope the family will have a good time here.

(all that sugar! no wonder my body fat content is borderline obese. i'm still in shock.)

followed by movie night at K's.

she wanted to watch Personal Tailor by Feng Xiaogang of 非诚勿扰 fame but after half an hour we were still going 'huh?' so we switched to Blind Detective and it was equally bad, if not worse.

it was described as a rom-com. rom-com, my arse! what rom-com has so much blood and violence?! the girls were like, why is he being so mean to her? and seriously the blind detective was constantly beating the lady detective up, spending her money, then convincing her to get tattoos and slash her wrists. still she fell in love with him. quite disturbing.

i thought i would have a tough night but surprisingly this song worked magic and the world became pretty and sunshiny after a listen-

my sis has good taste in music (sometimes).

Sunday, 14 September 2014

festival of the wind

annual kite-flying day at Bondi Beach. the crowds were unreal - starting in the city where people almost scrambled to board the buses.

there were long lines at every eatery, and Nikos (a fish and chippery) stopped taking orders.

there were not enough sushi - none were wasted for display.

still, it was very relaxing to sit on the beach with Christine (who loves Jo In Sung as much as I do, making her an instant friend) and people-watch (baby-watch and dog-watch for me).

there was a stall selling (fairly ugly) kites but we didn't get any. i doubt i have enough space to run in order to cast my kite off into the sky.

we attended this as a Meetup but lost everybody else and ended up sharing a 1litre box of Messina gelato w Yaw.

Pistachio, milk chocolate peanut fudge, pandan coconut, tiramisu

i tasted pistachio gelato for the first time in 16 years and was pleasantly surprised by how yummy it was! sweet and salty. we polished the box off in the windy cold, then walked from the beach to Bondi Junction because it was faster than the insane lines for the buses.

traffic was an absolute horror - transport officers came.

and now i'm home and sleepy from all the excitement of doing my blood test, the sun, the wind and general being in nature.

good night.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

a real update

in July i was diagnosed with d (omg can't bring myself to say it, too diva even for me) and tomorrow i will finally be doing my blood test (and only because K is making me do it - she will be waiting at the railway station in the city tomorrow) hopefully it will be because of some deficiency which can be fixed with vitamins because if i have to do something as first world as seeing a shrink i will die.

i'm still kicking myself for going to the doctor's because now my beautiful health record will be tainted and i will probably not be able to get my lovely Aussie passport which i have wanted since 16 (sobs) and oh my god i cannot bring myself to think about having to declare this when applying for private health insurance. it will probably cost more then i can't afford it and have to be put on long, long waiting lists on Medicare.

so if you have a heartwarming story about somebody who obtained citizenship despite having a chronic illness and/or a sneaky way i can still buy private health insurance cheaply do share. it will make my day, my week, my fortnight, my month.

but seriously, i feel fine now. and if you think not leaving more records is better please pm me asap and i will not go to the medical centre tomorrow to have a needle stuck in me (ouch). i'm now torn between the 'it was a one-off thing' approach vs. 'i got this fixed' approach. or if you know it doesn't matter because nobody checks let me know so i can have some peace of mind.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014


i won. so we watched Lucy. can somebody enlighten me on what the movie is about?

it might be a world of the future, but for now Taiwan is pretty safe and nobody walks around wielding guns. (hell, i can't even drink mineral water on their trains.)

what is the concept of immortality?

[spoiler below]

when my friend posted 'Lucy is a USB stick', i didn't know it was going to be literal.

ScarJo looked mighty fine kicking ass though.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

watching sexy movies with friends

today D and i had a, er.. discussion at Hoyt's where we were gonna watch a movie. he wanted to watch teenage mutant ninja turtles but i was more keen on Lucy.

'how can you prefer to see teenage mutant ninja turtles over Scarlett Johansson?!' i'd asked.

D: i don't want to see Lucy. is it the movie with a lot of sex?

M: 'what?!' pauses. 'i don't know, i don't think so. ScarJo kicks ass in Lucy.. i'm not sure if there's a lot of sex in it.'

D: hmm.. ok.. i don't think it's Lucy then.

M: ok let's play rock-paper-scissors. winner gets to pick the movie.

D: what?! really ?!

M: yes. ready, one, two, three!

i won.

and as we were watching the trailers, guess which trailer showed up?

M: whispered. 'is this the movie you were talking about?'

D: no.

haha i feel awkward when i watch anything sexy with friends. yes, even a trailer.

i remember bringing Nini to watch a movie at the Korean Cultural Office (KCO). it was A Good Lawyer's Wife, and there were lots of sex scenes - and they were weird to boot. we were totally unprepared, and she was even more unnerved by the experience than me.

and watching A Frozen Flower with a roomful of mostly ageing Aussies was strange as well - also at the KCO. what is it with the KCO? - but i'm glad i went to that session because Jo In Sung (now in It's Okay, That's Love) is so lovely-looking! actually everybody in that movie was good-looking.

one of my friend refused to watch The Wolf of Wall Street with us because of the anticipated awkwardness of watching sexy scenes with friends heh.

i wonder if this is something one outgrows?

Saturday, 6 September 2014

it's okay, that's love

recently obsessed with all things mental health because of my own unhinged episodes so it's only appropriate that it's okay, that's love is my favourite k-drama of the moment. never mind that it is also the only k-drama i'm watching.

i watched the first episode because i am in love with both the leads and now i am religiously following every update.

check out the awesome soundtrack -

Ship and the Globe - Kae Sun

Cross My Mind - Twin Forks

Sleepless Night - Crush (ft. Punch)

The names of the singers sound like 2 verbs.. or 2 beverages haha ((weird sense of humour surfaces.

It's Okay, It's Love - Davichi

I feel you - Hong Dae Kwang

Hero - Family of the Year