Saturday, 13 September 2014

a real update

in July i was diagnosed with d (omg can't bring myself to say it, too diva even for me) and tomorrow i will finally be doing my blood test (and only because K is making me do it - she will be waiting at the railway station in the city tomorrow) hopefully it will be because of some deficiency which can be fixed with vitamins because if i have to do something as first world as seeing a shrink i will die.

i'm still kicking myself for going to the doctor's because now my beautiful health record will be tainted and i will probably not be able to get my lovely Aussie passport which i have wanted since 16 (sobs) and oh my god i cannot bring myself to think about having to declare this when applying for private health insurance. it will probably cost more then i can't afford it and have to be put on long, long waiting lists on Medicare.

so if you have a heartwarming story about somebody who obtained citizenship despite having a chronic illness and/or a sneaky way i can still buy private health insurance cheaply do share. it will make my day, my week, my fortnight, my month.

but seriously, i feel fine now. and if you think not leaving more records is better please pm me asap and i will not go to the medical centre tomorrow to have a needle stuck in me (ouch). i'm now torn between the 'it was a one-off thing' approach vs. 'i got this fixed' approach. or if you know it doesn't matter because nobody checks let me know so i can have some peace of mind.


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