Monday, 15 September 2014

blind detective

on saturday we had tea at Lindt cafe because Kitty had a Groupon voucher -

quite good, though the macarons were too sticky and chewy. a freshness thing?

my life is now filled with a new sense of purpose because i have a new game called 'should i bring my family here?'. i make lists and try to save. i hope the family will have a good time here.

(all that sugar! no wonder my body fat content is borderline obese. i'm still in shock.)

followed by movie night at K's.

she wanted to watch Personal Tailor by Feng Xiaogang of 非诚勿扰 fame but after half an hour we were still going 'huh?' so we switched to Blind Detective and it was equally bad, if not worse.

it was described as a rom-com. rom-com, my arse! what rom-com has so much blood and violence?! the girls were like, why is he being so mean to her? and seriously the blind detective was constantly beating the lady detective up, spending her money, then convincing her to get tattoos and slash her wrists. still she fell in love with him. quite disturbing.

i thought i would have a tough night but surprisingly this song worked magic and the world became pretty and sunshiny after a listen-

my sis has good taste in music (sometimes).

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