Sunday, 21 September 2014

doctor blood

on Saturday K travelled an hour so we could go pick up my pathology test result together. i suspect she suspects i would let another 2 months pass by before i did anything if left to my own devices.

guess what the doctor prescribed?

another blood test.

i was thinking, you have got to be kidding me.

'can't they use the vial of blood they took?!'

'no, it's too late now.'

gee, thanks.

dude i don't want to do another blood test because i highly suspect i may have to do a third blood test when i pick up my second blood test result.

if in doubt, prescribe blood test.

anyway i'm ok apart from a low hb count, probably due to my aversion to eating meat and love of pairing meals with either tea or coffee - which hinders iron absorption from non-animal sources.

i'm trying to eat more meat! less carbs and sugar (goodbye my loves.)

hopefully this is the end of my sob story -

dog days are over!

i feel like i am writing a poem!

yes i just had a lot of sugar. (hello my loves.)

and my landlord just informed me she's ceasing her lease and moving to her relative's place in November, so i have to look for a new place to stay.

yes my friend asked me to lease an apartment with her just a fortnight ago and i said no thanks.

yes said friend is moving into her new place next week.

life is fabulous.

so great.

and i just went to check out the display suite of a Chinese development this morning.

despite the fact that after discussing my circumstances with a home loans officer, i actually qualify for nothing.

but i will think of 3 positives today even if i die.

seriously after i did it i realised how negative i am.

it's almost funny.

for every 'positive' i had 3 things which irked me.

maybe i need to extend it for another 5 days.

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