Sunday, 14 September 2014

festival of the wind

annual kite-flying day at Bondi Beach. the crowds were unreal - starting in the city where people almost scrambled to board the buses.

there were long lines at every eatery, and Nikos (a fish and chippery) stopped taking orders.

there were not enough sushi - none were wasted for display.

still, it was very relaxing to sit on the beach with Christine (who loves Jo In Sung as much as I do, making her an instant friend) and people-watch (baby-watch and dog-watch for me).

there was a stall selling (fairly ugly) kites but we didn't get any. i doubt i have enough space to run in order to cast my kite off into the sky.

we attended this as a Meetup but lost everybody else and ended up sharing a 1litre box of Messina gelato w Yaw.

Pistachio, milk chocolate peanut fudge, pandan coconut, tiramisu

i tasted pistachio gelato for the first time in 16 years and was pleasantly surprised by how yummy it was! sweet and salty. we polished the box off in the windy cold, then walked from the beach to Bondi Junction because it was faster than the insane lines for the buses.

traffic was an absolute horror - transport officers came.

and now i'm home and sleepy from all the excitement of doing my blood test, the sun, the wind and general being in nature.

good night.

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