Saturday, 6 September 2014

it's okay, that's love

recently obsessed with all things mental health because of my own unhinged episodes so it's only appropriate that it's okay, that's love is my favourite k-drama of the moment. never mind that it is also the only k-drama i'm watching.

i watched the first episode because i am in love with both the leads and now i am religiously following every update.

check out the awesome soundtrack -

Ship and the Globe - Kae Sun

Cross My Mind - Twin Forks

Sleepless Night - Crush (ft. Punch)

The names of the singers sound like 2 verbs.. or 2 beverages haha ((weird sense of humour surfaces.

It's Okay, It's Love - Davichi

I feel you - Hong Dae Kwang

Hero - Family of the Year

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