Saturday, 27 September 2014

the real sydney map





an hour ago i was half-dead on my bed with a splitting headache and extreme nausea.

then i swallowed a Panadol Rapid.

it finally kicked in.

i feel like a human being again.

grateful for the wonderful invention which is painkiller! (2)

Elizabeth Bay
last week the girls had brunch at Elizabeth Bay near Kings Cross. Kings Cross is known for strip clubs but once you walk past the slightly dodgy stretch outside the railway station, it's actually quite lovely - all old pretty buildings, very tasteful. It is located in the Eastern suburbs, after all.

In Sydney,

Eastern suburbs -> old money
North Shore -> new money
Southern line -> upper middle class
Inner west -> middle class
Greater west -> everybody else..

I figured this out after a couple of years in Sydney. Now when I think back to this Chinese girl who was (I think) trying to express her status to me at the start of my first semester I find it funny because I was so new to Sydney I couldn't understand the prestige linked to addresses.

Her: I live in North Sydney.

Me: Oh, where is it?

Her: You don't know North Sydney? It's a really nice neighbourhood.

Me: Oh, good.

Her: We have harbour views, it's very expensive.

Me: Oh, nice. ((OS: are you trying to tell me something?!


After brunch we they went to soak up the sunshine. I am of course hiding under my umbrella - Aussie sun is freaking poisonous, especially if you are 白肉底 like me. The sun feels wonderful at first, then it starts getting hot, the next thing you know your skin is red, swollen and painful.

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