Sunday, 28 September 2014

tiny times 小时代

actually i had wanted to watch Tiny Times for awhile now, but because it was known as a 烂片 i never got around to it. it was the highest grossing Chinese film that year but every Chinese person i spoke with said it's a load of crap. (still, it's doing well enough to be shooting its fourth sequel now.)

a few days ago i stumbled upon a critique of the movie which prepared me for how ridiculous it can get. then i watched the trailer (v good) and Cath and i watched it over dinner one night.

it wasn't as bad as expected, though yes, the girls are quite 花痴-i mean, what's with the slo-mo shots of androgynous guys as seen through the eyes of a coupled up girl? and when i saw their dorm i started laughing - it looked like something from Friends, and if you've ever seen an Asian dorm room, it looks nothing like that. but then again, i always say that if i wanted real life, i'll just take a look around my teeny weeny room and think about my 1.5h each-way commute to work.

for 2 hours of good-looking people, stylish clothes and one LOL scene, Tiny Times is up to the job.

next movie on my list - Tiny Times 2.

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