Sunday, 7 September 2014

watching sexy movies with friends

today D and i had a, er.. discussion at Hoyt's where we were gonna watch a movie. he wanted to watch teenage mutant ninja turtles but i was more keen on Lucy.

'how can you prefer to see teenage mutant ninja turtles over Scarlett Johansson?!' i'd asked.

D: i don't want to see Lucy. is it the movie with a lot of sex?

M: 'what?!' pauses. 'i don't know, i don't think so. ScarJo kicks ass in Lucy.. i'm not sure if there's a lot of sex in it.'

D: hmm.. ok.. i don't think it's Lucy then.

M: ok let's play rock-paper-scissors. winner gets to pick the movie.

D: what?! really ?!

M: yes. ready, one, two, three!

i won.

and as we were watching the trailers, guess which trailer showed up?

M: whispered. 'is this the movie you were talking about?'

D: no.

haha i feel awkward when i watch anything sexy with friends. yes, even a trailer.

i remember bringing Nini to watch a movie at the Korean Cultural Office (KCO). it was A Good Lawyer's Wife, and there were lots of sex scenes - and they were weird to boot. we were totally unprepared, and she was even more unnerved by the experience than me.

and watching A Frozen Flower with a roomful of mostly ageing Aussies was strange as well - also at the KCO. what is it with the KCO? - but i'm glad i went to that session because Jo In Sung (now in It's Okay, That's Love) is so lovely-looking! actually everybody in that movie was good-looking.

one of my friend refused to watch The Wolf of Wall Street with us because of the anticipated awkwardness of watching sexy scenes with friends heh.

i wonder if this is something one outgrows?

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