Wednesday, 15 October 2014

a cafe on Glebe Point Road

Sometimes I think Sydney is so pretty.

Stopped by this cafe last Sunday to grab a cronut and soy flat white on the way to pick up some stuff I left behind at my old place.

Are cronuts supposed to taste oily? Or is it just that all the cronuts I've sampled are oily? It's gross.

Anyway all my boxes have been unpacked and I'm getting used to my new place (#6).

We have a shared food system which is quite interesting. Basically everybody takes turns cooking. So after you cook, you knock on everybody's doors and say, 'Dinner is ready!' And you're free to use everything in the pantry and kitchen fridge. Kind of like at home. (There is a fridge in the lounge for private foodstuffs.)

But then everybody can eat separately. Some eat in the TV lounge. April eats in her room. I eat in the dining room.

The cook doesn't have to do the dishes. If you did the dishes you can mark it on a sheet (W for washing, C for cooking) and at the end of the month Ray will tally up everybody's contribution.

It's quite different, and I like it - for now - because I don't have to cook for one every night! And I get to eat home cooked food!

Plus the room is twice the size of my old room - though still smaller than my room back home. And it's 6 minutes to the railway station (used to be 10!). From there work is just one stop away!

The neighbourhood seems nice, and K lives at the next stop, Soph lives 2 stops down, Royal North Shore Hospital is a $14 cab ride away.

The only downside is I need to actively try to consume more fruits and vegetables because my housemates don't buy/cook enough of them. But otherwise all good!

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