Tuesday, 14 October 2014

a hospital stay

这次去 Royal North Shore Hospital 的 Emergency Department 经验比上次去 Royal Prince Albert Hospital 的好很多。


I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but it makes me feel much better to be in a hospital when I'm in pain.

Even though I think I suffered more because of the bloody cannula!

And I hate IV drips. (although I'm quite fascinated by all the tubes because it's totally different from my world where I.. don't get tubes stuck in me.)

(Then I thought about how people easily rip off their cannulas on TV! Pffttt! I wanted it out but the nurse said, sorry, cannula has to be in until discharge; and as much as I wanted to, I doubt ripping the cannula out IRL is going to be like on TV.)

And how the lights are on all the time.

And the noise - screaming patients, moaning patients..

And how the nurse always leaves my curtain partially open.

And how my stupid hospital gown came undone while walking to the toilet and I flashed all the staff members. (At least it was from behind!)

And how hard it is to sleep despite the exhaustion.

And how much harder it is to stay awake during drips - which I need to because I can feel it otherwise. And it doesn't feel pleasant.

And how boring it all is.

And being shuttled around on a bed (mix of fun + scary) and left on corridors with a note on me like a dead body.

After one night in Emergency my blood pressure dropped to 97/51 despite the saline being pumped into me. Hospitals are no joke.

And it sucks having to Google for an Emergency department, book a cab and pack essentials (phone charger, water bottle) by myself when I feel like my tummy is trying to kill me at 1am.

But after 3 painkillers (one a slightly stronger dose) all the annoyances fell away and I'm in my cocoon of pain-free bliss.

Plus when the nurse gave me my first blanket it was warm!

And it was much better than being stuck at home in pain.

So they found out what was wrong with me in the morning and I was free to go!

And that is the end of my first hospital stay.

Health is wealth!

I think I should sign up for some classes, because I seem to be feeling unwell with increasing frequency nowadays. And the only exercise I'm doing is my weekly Zumba class, which I die die also must go because I paid for it!

I want to stop seeing doctors, because every time I see them, they draw blood and run tests and find something wrong with me - however minor. Better see my fitness instructor rather than my doctor!

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