Monday, 6 October 2014


Finally, after 2 years of thinking about it, I went to Cronulla!

Cronulla is a Southern beach about 40 minutes drive from the city, and I have wanted to go since I heard it's a dog-friendly beach.

On Sunday us girls drove to Cronulla to celebrate Kitty's birthday.

And I surprised myself by going for a swim under the blazing sun. The water was ice cold, which can be a bit unbearable - K got a headache - but it was super refreshing. The waves were humongous, so one can't really swim, but it was fun floating around with the ebb and flow of the sea.

Then Soph and I walked around town to find cake, and ended up buying award-winning Frangipani gelato instead.

A bit of lying around, then back to the city to check out Kitty's new digs, which were fabulous. She has a walk-in closet. Enough said.

Today I went to Ikea bright and early to look at furniture for new room, but as of now nothing is confirmed. Things will work out things will work out..

Back to the grind tomorrow!

Grass is a much better option than sand!
Cloudless blue sky

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