Saturday, 4 October 2014

mrs p's, burwood

On Cat's birthday we attended a 9.30am Zumba class then met Jenna for brunch in Burwood.

What kind of person wants to wake up bright and early on her birthday to go exercise?!

Mrs P is so cute.

Big breakfast
Gourmet scrambled eggs
The girls looked a bit suspicious of the gourmet scrambled eggs - which admittedly does look like a pile of crap - but after one bite, were once again convinced of my food ordering talent.

I'm still getting over used to my decision to straighten my hair. Seriously it's so high maintenance. Even if I wash it daily it just sticks flat against my scalp. Thankfully my roots are growing back Min-style, all frizzy and uncontrollable. (Never thought I would ever say that I love my original hair!)

After brunch we walked to a different cafe and ate some more!


Talking with the girls I am once again reminded that everybody has problems.. I don't know why I thought my problems were so much more severe than everybody else's.

And then I went to inspect a friend's place. Then went home and tried to sleep off a migraine. Failing that, I took a Panadol and texted my friends crazy stuff like, my head! My head! 

Anyway I have found a place to move to, and am currently procrastinating by lounging in bed when I should be packing. And shopping for furniture. I have never bought furniture before - only an Ikea Lack Side Table and Clothes Rack. Should be fun!

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