Sunday, 30 November 2014


recently i am feeling much calmer. dear K rang me a month ago and asked me how i was. i said, 'nobody can be happy all the time.' and she said i should be aiming for calm. so calm it is, and maybe it's the immersion in non-Murakami books, but i have been feeling a lot less crazy.

(effing Murakami! 读一次就发一次噩梦!真的是跟我过不去!)


梦到我是电影明星,与 Hugh Jackman 一起拍戏,而且还遇见他太太。但梦里的 Debbie 好年轻啊!好像跟我平岁一样!

In this dream I was at ahma's getting ready. wearing a white dress. then i realised, OMG I'm getting married! to whom? actually i was also pretty confused in my dream.

then i saw my high school junior and asked him, omg i can't be marrying you, right?

he rolled his eyes and my husband showed up.

i can't remember but he probably wasn't - it was a good dream, remember? i think he looked like a cross between Sean O'Pry and a Chinese. (Blank Space 看太多次的副作用。)

哈哈这场梦超莫名其妙!竟然梦见 unicorn! yes, a big white dreamy unicorn on a vast green field! 然后看到 unicorn 超 high,觉得自己 lucky (my luck is returning, oh yeah!),然后一直想怎么可以把 unicorn 带回家养?


连续三天(晚)的美梦,开心死我了!以后心情烂时可以拿这篇出来重温,取暖嘿嘿嘿。你没见过 unicorn,不懂那种喜悦!


Monday, 17 November 2014

film school

Recently I went to film school.. because I could.

I love films - not as much as my classmates, but more than my other friends - and I love taking classes, which is how I found myself at my teacher's/colleague's home on a Saturday, ready to make my acting debut in a non-speaking role as 'last night's one night stand'.

Having been on set to film a commercial for work, I know how much time it takes, even just to film a one-minute video.

First there's the master shot, where a scene is filmed from a wide angle.

Then there's the closeups, when the actors are encouraged to stick to the script so the editor doesn't die when trying to cut the video in post production.

It sounds easy, but it's not.

So I'm happy with my part which requires nothing more than sitting around despite having no experience with one night stands.

And if one is not used to being in front of the camera, people tend to tense up.

At first I tried to help out with the boom/microphone, but my arms were shaking so madly I feared I was going to drop the bloody mike onto the talents' heads.

Then I stuck to marker/clapper work because I'm an organisation freak and actually enjoyed marking each scene and taking notes obsessively.

For scene 4 we took 3 takes. The first one was ok - well, until I looked at the other people on set (a major no-no). Do you know how difficult it is to stare at stranger in a moony fashion while everybody is watching you two? The classmates also requested we move closer together, because a comfortable distance in real life translates into an ocean apart onscreen.

'You guys had a one night stand! Get into character!'

Yeah, but I'm worried I might scare him! I mean, he's in his undies, might be feeling vulnerable. I countered.

The group laughed, even my acting partner laughed, and said he won't be scared. Like, he was probably thinking, Are you for real? I'm a guy!

So for the second take I leaned in close. So close my acting partner actually shrank back from me. I almost laughed, and the second the director yelled 'Cut!' the laughter on set was probably the loudest all day. An Asian girl freaked a white guy out!

Still, at least my performance wasn't the reason why we required another take. But my poor acting partner was sweating so profusely we could see damp patches on his shirt under his arms.

Last take was good, though I did get a bit cross eyed from leaning in so close to somebody's face. In the end I gave up looking into his eyes and looked towards the left of his head instead.

At the end of the day we all professed newfound respect for actors.

We'll be getting the footage to edit next week. Haha can't wait to see take 2.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Gore Cove Track

to make up for a Saturday spent lazing at home, my Sunday was nonstop on the move -

7am - woke naturally and decided to explore the neighbourhood

and it was then i stumbled upon the Gore Cove Track.

walking around my neighbourhood is an awesome thing to do.

i went for a little bush walk ..

so green and peaceful.. and it also reminds me of my parents, who love hiking.

i walked until i came to a fork in the path..

Two roads diverged in a green wood
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then.. I gostan-ed.
Because I didn't want to get lost in the woods
By my lonesome
With nothing but a key and a mobile phone
I thought of a Stephen King novel
Where people got lost in the woods
I don't want to suffer the same fate
Yes I know it is fiction.


Saturday, 8 November 2014


Personal opinion - I find Alexander Wang very cute. Too bad I don't have any spare cash to drop on his H&M collection.

I set my alarm at 6am today so I can be ready by 8am to catch a train to Macquarie and arrive at H&M before 9am just to look at his collection, though it is highly unlikely I will actually be able to squeeze into anything.

Reality -

5am - Woke from a weird dream where I was a male cop. I kept shooting at this girl (3 bullets) although my partners kept yelling 'Stop! You've already injured her! You don't want to kill her!' and then I realise that girl was me! I hate nightmares, they disorient me quite a bit.

Current time 3pm - Still in PJs at home.

Well at least I didn't expose myself to the risk of buying stuff on credit.