Saturday, 8 November 2014


Personal opinion - I find Alexander Wang very cute. Too bad I don't have any spare cash to drop on his H&M collection.

I set my alarm at 6am today so I can be ready by 8am to catch a train to Macquarie and arrive at H&M before 9am just to look at his collection, though it is highly unlikely I will actually be able to squeeze into anything.

Reality -

5am - Woke from a weird dream where I was a male cop. I kept shooting at this girl (3 bullets) although my partners kept yelling 'Stop! You've already injured her! You don't want to kill her!' and then I realise that girl was me! I hate nightmares, they disorient me quite a bit.

Current time 3pm - Still in PJs at home.

Well at least I didn't expose myself to the risk of buying stuff on credit.

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