Sunday, 30 November 2014


recently i am feeling much calmer. dear K rang me a month ago and asked me how i was. i said, 'nobody can be happy all the time.' and she said i should be aiming for calm. so calm it is, and maybe it's the immersion in non-Murakami books, but i have been feeling a lot less crazy.

(effing Murakami! 读一次就发一次噩梦!真的是跟我过不去!)


梦到我是电影明星,与 Hugh Jackman 一起拍戏,而且还遇见他太太。但梦里的 Debbie 好年轻啊!好像跟我平岁一样!

In this dream I was at ahma's getting ready. wearing a white dress. then i realised, OMG I'm getting married! to whom? actually i was also pretty confused in my dream.

then i saw my high school junior and asked him, omg i can't be marrying you, right?

he rolled his eyes and my husband showed up.

i can't remember but he probably wasn't - it was a good dream, remember? i think he looked like a cross between Sean O'Pry and a Chinese. (Blank Space 看太多次的副作用。)

哈哈这场梦超莫名其妙!竟然梦见 unicorn! yes, a big white dreamy unicorn on a vast green field! 然后看到 unicorn 超 high,觉得自己 lucky (my luck is returning, oh yeah!),然后一直想怎么可以把 unicorn 带回家养?


连续三天(晚)的美梦,开心死我了!以后心情烂时可以拿这篇出来重温,取暖嘿嘿嘿。你没见过 unicorn,不懂那种喜悦!


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