Saturday, 20 December 2014

cyrano de bergerac

Because Cyrano Agency is one of my favourite movies, I couldn't resist when Sydney Theatre Co showed Cyrano De Bergerac.

So I went with D.

Reading while drinking coffee at a pretty cafe on a Saturday morning is actually a very 惬意 thing to do.

Mussels in wine broth

I had a great time at Cyrano. It was almost a full house.

As with all live performances, the first 15 minutes is spent being lost and thinking everybody looks like Cyrano.

Then you get totally caught up in the story (I didn't read up beforehand so I didn't know how things would pan out).

Richard Roxburgh was so 生动 as Cyrano! 喜怒哀乐都表达得令我印象超深刻!觉得说他一个人撑全场也不为过。如此细腻的情感我坐在最便宜的座位都可以感受!

Cyrano's self-loathing which he hides behind his stubborn pride and reveals only to his best friend, his joy when he thought Roxanne was in love with him, his disappointment when he realised it wasn't the case, hiding his turbulent emotions and helping poor idiotic Christian get Roxanne who spent her life not knowing the truth. It felt like experiencing the entire spectrum of human emotions in 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Let's not forget the funny nanny, the poetic baker.. I love them all!

Christian 傻里傻气的

Roxanne 美翻了
Although I am still broke I say this is money well-spent.

非常感动的2小时!虽然觉得 Cyrano 根本是悲剧。

If I'm in a good mood I might watch the old Cyrano movie over the Christmas season.

Saturday 13 Dec 2014

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