Thursday, 11 December 2014


The significance of the unicorn dream cannot be overlooked.

All my life I have survived on luck.

So when my luck ran out last year I got very confused.

I was in uncharted territory.

And after a year of nightmares I had my unicorn dream.

Things are going to improve. It's a good sign.

Then I had my hummingbirds dream.

I am usually terrified of birds, and I felt a bit nervous when a couple of the numerous yellow-and-black hummingbirds hopped onto my arm but mostly I was delighted by their cuteness and the buzz from their wings.

I was standing outside ahma's house, next to the swing set, in a safe place with many happy memories.

It's a good sign.

When out shopping with Soph last Saturday I spotted the lovely Olivia Burton hummingbird watch.

Olivia Burton hummingbird watch
 It's a good sign. Even if I cannot afford it.

And then I won AUD200.

I waited and waited for the Visa card to be sent to me.

And today it arrived.

It's a good sign.

Maybe things are going to get better after all :)

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