Thursday, 18 December 2014


my standard weekend consists of hanging out and eating with different people.

last Sunday it was Kepos Street Kitchen with the girls.

i see some of the girls almost every weekend, but this was the first time in a month that we all got together.

Sophy drove.

while waiting the girls made space for me so i can press myself against the wall, in the shade, so i don't burn so quickly.

the comfort of knowing somebody well.

i ordered a southern fried chicken sandwich despite the big ulcer in my mouth which stubbornly refuses to heal despite my consumption of Berocca/mung bean soup/honey.

i know Kepos has a line outside but i think it's a bit overrated.

people why are you lining up?

but who cares about the food when we have presents?!

Kitty and Soph bought presents - Kitty bought me a tiny book 1001 Ways to Friendship (haha, none of us understood where that came from) and Soph got me a pencil set.

Nope, you don't get it.

It is the most beautiful pencil set I have ever laid eyes on.

Who knew Kate Spade did pencils?

I got home and Googled the David Jones website because the only way I can bring myself to use these pencils is if I can restock them. (I couldn't find them on DJ, though.)

I'll also need a slim pencil sharpener.

And actual words in my mind to write down.

If this were a movie I would write a lovely poem about girlie friendships.

Or draw pretty pictures.

Instead I am admiring the pencil set, now sitting on my little Ikea LACK table.

(I am actually so broke I cannot afford a proper desk and chair - I just sit on the floor and it's starting to hurt my back.)

I used to be able to do it but no longer! Ageing is no joke.

The girls are as freaked out as I am about ageing, but together it feels less scary and more funny.

(Also because I'm a year younger than them and I think it's rude to whinge about your age when you're the youngest.)

K is going to Japan and I asked her to get me a toilet-flushing noise machine.

Apparently Japanese girls have this gadget which makes toilet-flushing sounds so they can pee/poop in peace in public toilets.

So ingenious!

I have an irrational fear of letting people hear me poop.

We went shopping after lunch but I didn't buy anything. Seriously, apart from my Jo Malone Red Roses diffuser and Tom Ford Liquid Eyeliner, I really haven't bought anything indulgent for a few months.

And although the diffuser and eyeliner are not cheap, I love them both to bits - plus they don't take up much of my precious space.

Christmas is in the air!

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