Thursday, 29 January 2015


Recently my ear started hurting again. This time I decided not to ignore it and went to see a doctor. Because the last time my ear hurt it spread to my middle ear and I suffered from vertigo.

I couldn't really see anything - but I could feel it. The doc took awhile to find the bump, then prescribed alcohol wipes and antibiotics.

I haven't taken antibiotics for a decade! (Actually I might have had some when I had my wisdom teeth removed 5 years ago..) So I was very sad at having to take antibiotics, but there was no way out. The doctor (quite hassled and stressed from all the patients waiting impatiently) warned me that ear infections can get serious if it spreads.

When I filled in my prescription at the pharmacy and asked if I must finish the prescription, the pharmacist said, 'Please do.' Then, seeing my evident brink-of-breakdown-ness, he'd added, 'It's only for 5 days.'

Afterwards I went swimming at Lumiere - the pool is quite wonderful, at one section the bottom is clear and you can look down 7 floors into the lobby.

Then we ate back any calories burned at Bistro Hulu, a very cozy eatery with home-style food, complete with funny chatty proprietor.

Chicken. 近期最爱


Chilli fish

Fried tofu

I don't know why I'm so down about this infection. But I know things are bad when I stand on my table and reach for the top cabinets for my emergency Feelgoods.

Monday, 26 January 2015

long weekend

$12 / Bunch, Lid & Jar

We have today off in Australia as it's Australia Day.. and finally I get a chance to sit at home and rest.

After I decided to try working out again, my living pattern became completely out of whack. On swimming/running nights I get home at 11pm and sleep at 1am - which is abnormal for me. But I'm not ready to risk leaving my running buddies yet - they're so nice and supportive of the fact that I'm exercising that I feel guilty for not going.

I let my home duties slide - dumping vegetables and hastily-microwave-defrosted meat into a wok with soy sauce and stewing them to produce a dinner which tastes ugh and served at 9pm, barely doing the dishes.

And on free weeknights there are friends to meet - catch ups and farewells - so on weekends I have to play catch up with laundry, cleaning, picking up library reserves and violin practice, in addition to driving classes and friends' birthdays and more catch ups.

I'm trying to schedule more realistically so I can have more balance - 2 weeks ago my violin teacher decided that I should miss the April exams and aim for August, and last week she didn't give me new work so I can polish my current homework.

On Saturday I met Kitty and Soph after driving class and laundry. Kitty and I had Mary's (a popular burger joint in Newtown which recently opened a city branch). It was good, but Burger Project is better - though both burgers looked equally ugly.

Burger Project

Open air cinemas are very popular in Australia in the summer months - some are free. Soph and I shared a green juice here while waiting for a table at Taste of Shanghai.

My lovely pink tips are all gone, and now I'm just another Asian chick with orange-blond hair.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Maroubra again

Once a month we have a joint birthday celebration for people in the group.

This month we had a BBQ at Maroubra (beach).

It was hot! But I finally got to wear my Jen's Pirate Booty beach dress which I'd had for a year!

The waves are huge at Maroubra, hopeless for swimming, but I've heard good things about Manly.

Must. Get. Butt. To. Manly.

In other news, ran 10k with Jon and Marek yesterday. Kings Cross > Circular Quay > Darling Harbour. Thought I was going to die. Probably the furthest I'd ever ran in my life. Took an hour and half! By the time I got home I was too exhausted to do much except shower and eat some yogurt and berries (Greek yogurt + blueberries is just too good!) before passing out.

Slept badly, but then I always sleep terribly after running. But I have to keep exercising as my friends make me feel guilty if I stop, and I love how it heats up your body so you don't get cold hands and feet.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


I almost miss my hair when I look at this.

But I also like my new hair -

Although I feel slightly sick when I think about all the chemicals required to make my hair look like a unicorn's.

But if not now, when? I'm not getting any younger, and pastel hair needs youth - or extreme fame - to be carried off - at least to me.

(When Cat saw my hair she went, 'Are you a high schooler again?'. And K started texting to me in ALL CAPS - GET WILD! MID LIFE CRISIS!)

I think I bitched about hair straightening before, but now I love it. It makes my hair a lot more manageable. But I might try getting it done at At the Garden Tokyo in Sydney next time because my KL stylist kept burning my scalp and ears - though I got it done for RM200 or so, great price. Still not great enough to be worth the pain and constant tension wondering when the next burn will come.

My hair actually cost less to do in Sydney compared to using my friend's PJ stylist anyway. Said friend has fabulous hair, though. Maybe because she bleaches.

This is what the hair is supposed to look like - deeply poisoned by It's okay, it's love haha.

Although the stylist kept checking with me whether my hair was dyed black because 'It's so dark!' and expressing his concern that light colors do not show up well on naturally black hair, I refused to bleach my roots because.. have you ever bleached your roots? It feels like somebody is setting fire to your head. So the colors didn't come out as pale as I would like them to be, but still festive enough.

And the Shiseido dye stung my scalp, so I'm hoping to let my hair be for another 5 years before I mess it up again. Praying that the regrowth will not be too horrific.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


A bit blue today.

Actually I was a bit blue on Sunday. Sometimes I feel like everybody is growing up properly and I am the only one who's stuck.

So I went grocery shopping, ate some berries (yum), went swimming at friend's fabulous rooftop open-air pool in the CBD, took a bush walk, all to lift my spirits.

But still so blue. What to do - maybe I shall join some classes, distract myself.

On Saturday I watched Titanic - I haven't seen it since I was 9 or 11 when it first came out, and it blew me away! It was so good.

Monday, 12 January 2015

what i talk about when i talk about running

I'm third in line on the reserve list for the Murakami book. I hope I'm still running when I get it! Then I can appreciate his prose more.

Ran with the group twice last week, and twice by myself using the Nike Running app. The app is fun enough to motivate me to run. For now.

Unfortunately a side effect from running is that I seem to have trouble falling asleep at night. My bedtime has moved from 11pm to midnight.

On the bright side, however, I was sitting in my room one day and thought, hmm it's a bit warm. It's a total breakthrough for me! Sometimes I get so cold I can't feel my hands and feet, yes, even in summer. So it's nice to feel hot for a change.

My running stats are terrible though - I run only marginally faster than I jog. But whatever! Slow running is better than no running.

I'm also using HabitForge to remind myself to exercise because there are a billion other things I want to do more than sweat. HabitForge has this daisy chain thing which shows how consistent you have been at keeping your habit, and when you break your link you have to start from 0 again orz. (Speaking from experience, I broke the link.)

Tomorrow it's gym and swim. Darn! Getting into a swimsuit in front of friends is no joke. Panic attack.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday and Hollister

Last Sunday I visited Cat's new home. She made English muffins with smoked salmon and avocado, paired with the yummiest smoothie ever!

Then we went shopping at Bondi Junction Westfield. I wasn't planning on buying anything but I passed by this store which smelled so good. I decided to duck in just to have a peek, and we all know how this story ends.

It was Hollister Co. by A&F. Now I know A&F has been losing it's edge recently and it's almost uncool to admit that one likes shopping in semi darkness and served only by eerily similar-good-looking people, but I love A&F (and Hollister).

They had some good deals but I only picked up 2 winter items. My wardrobe is exploding with winter clothes - they are more forgiving than summer styles. Very tempted by one of the perfumes but because I have 7 bottles (some unopened) to get through I decided not to. Hollister perfume - I think I just became a teenager again.

Friday, 9 January 2015


A few days ago I found out that Jo In Sung had broken up with his girlfriend and is rumoured to be dating his It's okay, it's love co-star Gong Hyo Jin! Why do I care about his love life more than my own?

1. I watched and adored It's okay (心中默默os:在一起!在一起!)
2. My love life is nonexistent.

Just look at that chemistry!

I'm actually quite excited about the news! But I can't think of a single person who will not judge me for 

1. caring
2. deriving pleasure from celebrity breakups.

So I can only self high here.


When Soph came to bring me to clinic on Sunday she was actually on a date with her boyfriend. But because she's a good friend she had him drive while she sat in the backseat with me, patting my head ('You didn't wash your hair today, did you?' I actually did.) and asking me how I felt.

'Dizzy. Things coming in and out of focus. Sense of imbalance. World is spinning. Feel like puking.'

'Hmm.. dehydration? Too much sun?'

'I never go out into the sun..'

'True, maybe it's..'

Then her boyfriend said from the front, 'Soph is very qualified to diagnose you, because she has watched 5 seasons of Grey's Anatomy.'

Haha. But after I got my real prescription from cute doctor I went jogging yesterday with the jogging group.

Jogging is hard work! 1 minute in and I was like, 'I'm tired.' They thought I was being funny until they had to call me to find out where I was - I was so far behind.

They did 7k and I thought it would never, ever, ever end! And I had no choice but to finish the run because I had left my bags at J's office.

Afterwards we ate back what we burned at dinner. I might run again tomorrow if invited - I feel guilty for being slow, although they're all pretty nice about it. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Secret Joy of Manicures

I have had a grand total of 2 manicures in my 25 years of life. Once when I was 21, and the second time last night.

I usually put off my hair/dentist/watch battery replacement appointments until I return to Malaysia, but I just couldn't bear my full head of split ends, so I called for a last minute haircut at At The Garden Tokyo.

And while Hiro was blowdrying my hair, I saw this hot skinny chick standing around observing the salon. Because she was so very hot I couldn't help but stare. She must have noticed because she came and asked me in very broken English, if I would like to get a manicure.

Maybe it's because of the nice discount, or the hot girl, but I found myself agreeing to the cheapest option on the menu - Gelish nails. I had no idea what it entailed, and the hot girl couldn't explain, so I just went with it - because we know it's always a good idea to say yes to shit we don't know anything about.

As she filed my nails I wonder why women like manicures. It's so boring. And I get nervous when people file my nails. And I don't like having my nails scraped. What's with trimming the cuticles? I hate baking my nails in the box. I wanted a natural color thus selected the palest pink, and it turned out like this -

Oh my gosh my hands look like Kim Kardashian's hands.

Maybe I'm overreacting, but Barbie pink + the high gloss finish looks trashy to me.

The good thing is that I can't see my natural nails, which I am liking less and less.

So maybe I will go crazy and get another manicure. Or not. Maybe all the women who get manicures don't actually enjoy them, they just like how their nails look after.

My manager saw my nails and said, 'Ooh, you got a manicure!'


'Do you have boyfriend?' Fake Asian accent.


Then he showed me this funny video which inspired his boyfriend comment -

So now we know, the reason we are single is because we don't have long nails!

Monday, 5 January 2015


On New Year's Day I spent the day walking around my neighbourhood (there are 3 trails near my home!) and had dinner with friends at Bassim in Chatswood. Even ordered dark raspberries wine for the special occasion.

My friend stayed over and we stayed up talking. She said she reviewed how she spent 2014, which I think is a good thing to do. 2014 was a bit blurry to me, and probably not one of my favourite years.

But friends and family have been kind to me, for which I am grateful. And I am getting better at not buying everything I see.. and realised how few things we really need.

For the first time I shopped at David Jones' homewares department during the Boxing Day sale - and bought a Tefal frying pan. Definite sign of age. So I also got myself French Women Don't Get Facelifts. I don't buy books, especially new ones, but it was cheaper than in Malaysia!


I have a break planned in March this year, which I'm a bit excited about - last year was the only year I didn't visit a new place since I was 13!

And though I was attacked by a (new? old?) virus yesterday - every time I see a doctor I always get, 'Looks like your body is fighting a virus.' so I never know if I haven't recovered from the last bout or I caught something new - I found a doctor I like, so it all evens out.

'What virus?'

'Not sure.'

That's very helpful, but I like my new doctor. He's a smiley grandpa who's very zen about my condition and most importantly, did not prescribe a blood test!

Happy New Year!