Friday, 9 January 2015


A few days ago I found out that Jo In Sung had broken up with his girlfriend and is rumoured to be dating his It's okay, it's love co-star Gong Hyo Jin! Why do I care about his love life more than my own?

1. I watched and adored It's okay (心中默默os:在一起!在一起!)
2. My love life is nonexistent.

Just look at that chemistry!

I'm actually quite excited about the news! But I can't think of a single person who will not judge me for 

1. caring
2. deriving pleasure from celebrity breakups.

So I can only self high here.


When Soph came to bring me to clinic on Sunday she was actually on a date with her boyfriend. But because she's a good friend she had him drive while she sat in the backseat with me, patting my head ('You didn't wash your hair today, did you?' I actually did.) and asking me how I felt.

'Dizzy. Things coming in and out of focus. Sense of imbalance. World is spinning. Feel like puking.'

'Hmm.. dehydration? Too much sun?'

'I never go out into the sun..'

'True, maybe it's..'

Then her boyfriend said from the front, 'Soph is very qualified to diagnose you, because she has watched 5 seasons of Grey's Anatomy.'

Haha. But after I got my real prescription from cute doctor I went jogging yesterday with the jogging group.

Jogging is hard work! 1 minute in and I was like, 'I'm tired.' They thought I was being funny until they had to call me to find out where I was - I was so far behind.

They did 7k and I thought it would never, ever, ever end! And I had no choice but to finish the run because I had left my bags at J's office.

Afterwards we ate back what we burned at dinner. I might run again tomorrow if invited - I feel guilty for being slow, although they're all pretty nice about it. 

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