Tuesday, 20 January 2015


I almost miss my hair when I look at this.

But I also like my new hair -

Although I feel slightly sick when I think about all the chemicals required to make my hair look like a unicorn's.

But if not now, when? I'm not getting any younger, and pastel hair needs youth - or extreme fame - to be carried off - at least to me.

(When Cat saw my hair she went, 'Are you a high schooler again?'. And K started texting to me in ALL CAPS - GET WILD! MID LIFE CRISIS!)

I think I bitched about hair straightening before, but now I love it. It makes my hair a lot more manageable. But I might try getting it done at At the Garden Tokyo in Sydney next time because my KL stylist kept burning my scalp and ears - though I got it done for RM200 or so, great price. Still not great enough to be worth the pain and constant tension wondering when the next burn will come.

My hair actually cost less to do in Sydney compared to using my friend's PJ stylist anyway. Said friend has fabulous hair, though. Maybe because she bleaches.

This is what the hair is supposed to look like - deeply poisoned by It's okay, it's love haha.

Although the stylist kept checking with me whether my hair was dyed black because 'It's so dark!' and expressing his concern that light colors do not show up well on naturally black hair, I refused to bleach my roots because.. have you ever bleached your roots? It feels like somebody is setting fire to your head. So the colors didn't come out as pale as I would like them to be, but still festive enough.

And the Shiseido dye stung my scalp, so I'm hoping to let my hair be for another 5 years before I mess it up again. Praying that the regrowth will not be too horrific.

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