Thursday, 29 January 2015


Recently my ear started hurting again. This time I decided not to ignore it and went to see a doctor. Because the last time my ear hurt it spread to my middle ear and I suffered from vertigo.

I couldn't really see anything - but I could feel it. The doc took awhile to find the bump, then prescribed alcohol wipes and antibiotics.

I haven't taken antibiotics for a decade! (Actually I might have had some when I had my wisdom teeth removed 5 years ago..) So I was very sad at having to take antibiotics, but there was no way out. The doctor (quite hassled and stressed from all the patients waiting impatiently) warned me that ear infections can get serious if it spreads.

When I filled in my prescription at the pharmacy and asked if I must finish the prescription, the pharmacist said, 'Please do.' Then, seeing my evident brink-of-breakdown-ness, he'd added, 'It's only for 5 days.'

Afterwards I went swimming at Lumiere - the pool is quite wonderful, at one section the bottom is clear and you can look down 7 floors into the lobby.

Then we ate back any calories burned at Bistro Hulu, a very cozy eatery with home-style food, complete with funny chatty proprietor.

Chicken. 近期最爱


Chilli fish

Fried tofu

I don't know why I'm so down about this infection. But I know things are bad when I stand on my table and reach for the top cabinets for my emergency Feelgoods.

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