Monday, 26 January 2015

long weekend

$12 / Bunch, Lid & Jar

We have today off in Australia as it's Australia Day.. and finally I get a chance to sit at home and rest.

After I decided to try working out again, my living pattern became completely out of whack. On swimming/running nights I get home at 11pm and sleep at 1am - which is abnormal for me. But I'm not ready to risk leaving my running buddies yet - they're so nice and supportive of the fact that I'm exercising that I feel guilty for not going.

I let my home duties slide - dumping vegetables and hastily-microwave-defrosted meat into a wok with soy sauce and stewing them to produce a dinner which tastes ugh and served at 9pm, barely doing the dishes.

And on free weeknights there are friends to meet - catch ups and farewells - so on weekends I have to play catch up with laundry, cleaning, picking up library reserves and violin practice, in addition to driving classes and friends' birthdays and more catch ups.

I'm trying to schedule more realistically so I can have more balance - 2 weeks ago my violin teacher decided that I should miss the April exams and aim for August, and last week she didn't give me new work so I can polish my current homework.

On Saturday I met Kitty and Soph after driving class and laundry. Kitty and I had Mary's (a popular burger joint in Newtown which recently opened a city branch). It was good, but Burger Project is better - though both burgers looked equally ugly.

Burger Project

Open air cinemas are very popular in Australia in the summer months - some are free. Soph and I shared a green juice here while waiting for a table at Taste of Shanghai.

My lovely pink tips are all gone, and now I'm just another Asian chick with orange-blond hair.

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