Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday and Hollister

Last Sunday I visited Cat's new home. She made English muffins with smoked salmon and avocado, paired with the yummiest smoothie ever!

Then we went shopping at Bondi Junction Westfield. I wasn't planning on buying anything but I passed by this store which smelled so good. I decided to duck in just to have a peek, and we all know how this story ends.

It was Hollister Co. by A&F. Now I know A&F has been losing it's edge recently and it's almost uncool to admit that one likes shopping in semi darkness and served only by eerily similar-good-looking people, but I love A&F (and Hollister).

They had some good deals but I only picked up 2 winter items. My wardrobe is exploding with winter clothes - they are more forgiving than summer styles. Very tempted by one of the perfumes but because I have 7 bottles (some unopened) to get through I decided not to. Hollister perfume - I think I just became a teenager again.

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