Monday, 12 January 2015

what i talk about when i talk about running

I'm third in line on the reserve list for the Murakami book. I hope I'm still running when I get it! Then I can appreciate his prose more.

Ran with the group twice last week, and twice by myself using the Nike Running app. The app is fun enough to motivate me to run. For now.

Unfortunately a side effect from running is that I seem to have trouble falling asleep at night. My bedtime has moved from 11pm to midnight.

On the bright side, however, I was sitting in my room one day and thought, hmm it's a bit warm. It's a total breakthrough for me! Sometimes I get so cold I can't feel my hands and feet, yes, even in summer. So it's nice to feel hot for a change.

My running stats are terrible though - I run only marginally faster than I jog. But whatever! Slow running is better than no running.

I'm also using HabitForge to remind myself to exercise because there are a billion other things I want to do more than sweat. HabitForge has this daisy chain thing which shows how consistent you have been at keeping your habit, and when you break your link you have to start from 0 again orz. (Speaking from experience, I broke the link.)

Tomorrow it's gym and swim. Darn! Getting into a swimsuit in front of friends is no joke. Panic attack.

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