Thursday, 26 February 2015





Because the majority of grandchildren are no longer a child, not yet a parent, the few kids around got all the attention!

No, the adults can't leave the babies alone.

We know we're real adults when we're allowed to take the little ones out to the markets sans their parents! I felt a bit guilty letting Fion drink food colouring + sugar sold as 'susu tembikai', but once a year won't kill her.

35 sen / satay! So cheap! But you really get what you get for. Tiny pieces of meat..

Kaya balls!

Not as delicious as the ones from Jusco from childhood, but still.. kaya balls!

Zeff OS: 干嘛一直弄人家啦!~
Spent the day crying because ah gong is unwell despite looking peachy just a week ago.

V tired.

Didn't even finish my lunch. #nowthatsmajor

Can't wait to rest my puffy eyes.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

cny eve 2015

a boutique in Yong Peng

actually i never used to frequent boutiques like this one but now it looks cute to me, so different from the charming, carefully designed ones in Sydney.

we bought new clothes here on CNY Eve, on the way to popo's.

a super Malaysian kampung boutique experience, complete with madly whirring ceiling fans, a Cambodian assistant who speaks Malay and Chinese, and a taukesoh who knows my mum.

mum loves buying clothes! she bought me 2 dresses and 2 tops. (i returned to Sydney this time with 15 dresses, 10 tops and 3 pairs of pants in total this time, all courtesy of mum!) i can get by for a month without doing laundry with all the new clothes!

according to mum i dress like a granny orz. that's because i leave all my young, revealing dresses back in Sydney and only wear conservative clothes in Malaysia ok!


Reunion lunch at popo's
Usually we have a reunion lunch at popo's followed by reunion dinner at ahma's.

Popo's old house is like an oven, there are flies everywhere and the tap in the dining room is broken, but i also found everything very cute.

The sake was very good.

Unfortunately 公公 was hooked up to an oxygen machine on a hospital bed in the living room, and 婆婆 spends most of her time sitting on the sofa in the living room quietly when not coughing violently. (Occasionally she shouts at my younger cousins when they are blocking the TV/ playing too rough, which I also find endearing.)

So things are kind of different from past years.

Reunion dinner at ahma's
Why did I not take photos with my cousins? I don't know. I forgot.


Bro joining in the festivities


Sunday, 15 February 2015

CNY public announcement


I am going home for CNY. A bit excited and very apprehensive at the same time. But I shall be happy to see everybody again, if..

If you can kindly avoid these topics with my dear mamie while I am home -

2. My salary
4. Your salary
6. Your weight
7. My music lessons
8. Whether I have purchased a property/whether my parents are planning to buy

I wrote MY WEIGHT 3 times in ALL CAPS. Please don't tell me you didn't see it.

It would be much appreciated.



You might be thinking, 直接减肥不会更容易?!






Saturday, 14 February 2015

cate blanchett

It's my first time in a virtual waiting room.

Basically it's a webpage which keeps counting down and refreshing itself.

I can only say.. it's not easy to see Cate Blanchett in person.

I was trying to get ticket (singular, am going alone because I would rather go alone than have people show up late #持续记仇ing) to The Present, a Chekhov play starring Cate Blanchett! and Richard Roxburgh - whom I have a mini crush on!

Chekhov I have only heard of from Murakami's brief discussion of Chekhov's gun theory in 1Q84. Admittedly I myself interpret it a little differently. I'm more like, if I buy chocolates I will eat them. If I buy cigarettes I will smoke them. Because of Chekhov's gun theory. #自己乱来一通

Whatever, a bit excited + apprehensive at the same time because I haven't been out myself for ages. I can't remember the last time I hung out by myself, barring exercise - and even that I tend to do as a group now.

Oh well.

Cate 好美((晕

Andrew Upton and Cate Blanchett
(Andrew Upton is directing.)

Monday, 9 February 2015

shit girls say

On the whole I trust my girlfriends, except when it comes to food stuck between teeth - they never say anything. When my makeup melts they tell me sometimes. And they can get tough and yank me out of my blues when I get them.

But boys! It is one subject where I have to fend for myself.

Case #1

They don't believe in platonic friendships, and get excited when I go out with my guy friends one-on-one. Okay this is kinda cute, but they should believe me when I say there is nothing remotely romantic about my hangouts.

Case #2

One day D was late for an hour. While the girls were making their case for case #1 over the fact that we attended a performance together (although that's all we ever do), I said, 'No. Guys are not late for an hour when it's a date.' In fact he should not be late at all, even for a platonic friend(对我是相当记仇的人)。

Do you know what the girls replied to my, 'D was an hour late.'?

'I think he likes you,' they chorused.

'I think he likes you.'

'D was an hour late.'

'I think he likes you.'

He was an hour late = he likes you.

See why I don't trust the girls re boys?

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

circa 2012

Kitty suddenly shared these photos some time ago. I think these were taken at her birthday party in 2012.

The girls loved the first photo, and suggested it as a 'look' to aspire to. Too late, I'm a faux orange-blonde now.

As for the second.. well, when Soph's boy Thomas saw it, he'd joked, 'Who is this gangster?'

Very nicely summed.

I used to wear a lot of eye makeup, now I only wear makeup on special occasions.

When I started buying wire-free exclusively, giving up my previous obsession with push-ups, I knew I had entered a new phase in life.

Makeup-and-wire-free, I am the last single gal in our little girl group.

Doesn't help that I have 被害妄想症。

One night after running I was waiting at a red light when this guy, impressed with my then-pink hair, started talking to me. We took the train to Town Hall together, and all the while I could only think,

Please don't rob me.

I prayed, God, please don't let him rob me. while clutching my bag super tightly.

Thankfully, he merely asked me if I would like to watch a movie together.

'Not now! You can pick a day.'

What? So you can have another chance to rob me?! STOP IT MIN. HE'S NOT GOING TO ROB YOU. Ooh, you never know..

'No, sorry.'

I think growing up in KL and having 2 mobiles stolen in 2 years in Sydney has scarred me for life.

Monday, 2 February 2015

through the children's gate

"You will go to these places, order the spaghetti vongole, and then..."

"And then?"

"And then at last you will be happy ," he said flatly.

The combination of an Asian sense of face with a Jewish sense of guilt may be the most powerful commercial hybrid in history.

The Running Fathers envy those who knew it all along, who were running from the first, who got existential despair early on, Larkin-like, and then had only to settle in to make things pleasant while they waited, like condemned men decorating a cell.

I have an interest in this, as someone whose entire wealth, or, rather, whose entire weight of optimistic debt, is sunk into the city..

Today I finished Adam Gopnik's Through the Children's Gate. It's one of the more poetic reads I've enjoyed in awhile. I don't necessarily agree with everything he writes, but his prose is unbelievable - how can one string sentences together like that?

Now waiting for 'Paris to the Moon'..

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Friday night, Bul-ssang

There are many things I just do not grasp in life. What is the meaning of life? Why are some people so deeply unhappy? What's up with contemporary dance?

Friday night, J and I went to watch Bul-ssang by the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company. Overall it was good, but I CANNOT TAHAN when people dance to no music. It makes all my hairs stand on end and I get goosebumps all over.

Thank God the silent dancing part was only at the beginning, then we had cool music from the cool DJ onstage with the cool MacBook.

But really, both J and I have no clue what the dance was about. That's normal for me - I can't 'get' contemporary dance and I can't 'get' ballets until I read the program.

'We'll go home and read the programs.' we decided.

After the dance we had dinner at Ichimaru. I don't usually take food photos when dining with people but I had to because Ichimaru was closing down! In fact it has already ceased operations as I type this.

Whatever's sold out sold out forever!
Miso ramen
Fats on pork can be tricky - I don't love them all. The fat can be incredibly aromatic or.. really gross. The fat on the roast pork in my miso ramen was the former - a bit jelly-like at first, then it literally melts on your tongue.

Then I went home and saw this in the mirror -

Evidently all my (so-called waterproof) mascara had decided to take a little holiday down south to under my eyes.

So I spent all night looking like a panda and nobody said anything. WHY.

But whatever, I usually check my makeup and CAYG* when on a date** with boys I fancy so not too horrifying to look ugly in front of platonic guy friends.

*Starbucks term - Clean As You Go

**1 boy + 1 girl = date (K's definition)
1 boy + 1 girl [at night] = date (Kitty's definition)
1 boy + 1 girl [daytime] = junior date (Kitty's definition) I know, I'm scratching my head over this as well.
1 boy [who pays] + 1 girl = date (M definition)
There is a further breakdown based on race and where the boy grew up, but I shall spare you the pain - as long as you always tell me when my makeup is running/I have veg stuck in my teeth.